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Robots For People: Do We Really Need Them?

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Robots for people: Do we really need them?
Scientific progress makes huge milestones toward developing new advanced technologies which are more and more present in human lives. Today robots replace people in many spheres such as health care, security and military, industry, education, entertainment and science. Role of robots becomes more significant because they are able to do the job which people are not able to perform well. Sometimes people are too lazy to do some routine work, due to such situation those tasks could be delegated to machines. People’s life become more technology based what makes demand for efficient robots larger. Engineers say that today robots look like machines, but in near future robots will have more human appearance, today they do some simple job, but in near future much more complicated tasks would be trusted to them. History of robotics goes far to the history when the ancient Greeks describes first devices that people were projected to fly to the sky like birds. In fact, heart of any robot is some program that direct the device and control it actions. Robot cannot perform the tasks that was not programmed in it and this if the factor what makes it quite limited in its actions. Current studies in robotics are aimed to remove those disadvantages and make robots more functional and universal through development of artificial intelligence that can operate independently. Curiosity of world community to robotics increase every day what make all the research and inventions in robotics more demanded. History of robots, resent achievement and future perspectives of robotics have to be studies and researched to understand what machines can give to humanity and what pros and cons exist in the robotics.
History of robotics passed long way from early drawing to present advanced robots. One of the first machines was projected by ancient geek mathematician Archytas of Tarentum who built mechanical bird propelled by steam. In 1495 Leonardo Da Vinci invented armored knight which used to have mechanics that moved knight. Such robots were used to entertain royalties during different events. Later in 1801 Joseph Jacuard invented automated loom which was controlled by punched cards. (K.-D Bouzakis and S.Mitsi, 2004) Punch cards were taken as a base for input method for earliest computers. Nikola Tesla invented remote controller robot boat in the late nineteenth century. In 1936 was one of the most significant in robotics because Alan Turing introduced first theoretical computer concept of Turing Machine with the following continuation of his work under the name Computing Machinery and Intelligence where he tests machines for independent thinking. In 1956 notion as “artificial intelligence” appeared as a result of the conference in Dartmouth College organized by Nat Rochester and Claude Shannon and later both scientists started working on it in MIT laboratory. Need to mention that real history of robotics when...

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