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Robots In Surgical Procedures Essay

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As technology improves and discoveries are being made, one aspect they must importantly thinking of is in the surgery. Surgery is now using robots and image processing systems in order to assist the medical team; in planning the surgery intervention and in the execution of the surgery. These techniques are being introduced in many areas: neurosurgery, orthopaedics, micro-surgery, cardiovascular and general surgery etcThe purpose of this new technique is to improve the surgical procedures by minimizing threats and side affects like smaller incisions, lesser trauma, more precision etc. The surgical cost is also cheaper, increasing patient advantage.There are too many surgical robots to name so the two main advanced robotic systems used in surgery are: The Da Vinci Surgical System- allows the performance of complex laparoscopic procedures with the used of micro-instruments that can precisely mimic or even surpass the dexterity of the surgeon's hand. Laparoscopy- A pencil-thin instrument called a laparoscope is used, and it gives the surgeon an exceptionally clear view, on a TV monitor, of the inside of the abdominal cavity.There are many advantages in using these robotic techniques in surgical procedures, but in the end none is as good as assisting greatly in saving or helping a life. By using these robotic techniques it allows the surgical procedure to be less risky and dangerous with its ability to have much greater controlling precision and strength than human beings, effectively manage the link between the instrument's handle and the...

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