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Robots Shouldn't Replace Human Labor Essay

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With the development of technology in the world, people are faced with many things they never saw and knew before. In this modern life, technology has affected a lot in people’s lives in many levels. Robot is considered as an important product of technology. Robot was introduced by a writer, Karel Čapek, from the Czech word, robota, meaning “forced labor” or “serf”. Čapek used the word Robot in his play, R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) which opened in Prague in January, 1921, a play in which automata are mass-produced by an Englishman named Rossum. The automata, robots, are meant to do the world’s work and to make a better life for human beings; but in the end they rebel, wipe out humanity, and start a new race of intelligent life for the robots themselves (Asimov, 1984). Robot does not have specific definition itself, every dictionary has a slightly different definition. “Deciding if a machine is or is not a robot is like trying to decide if a certain shade of greenish blue is truly blue or not blue,” said Carlo Bertocchini, the owner of “Some people will call it blue while others will vote not blue,” (Branwyn, 2004). So this essay will limit the meaning of robot as what defined in Merriam Webster Dictionary (2004), robot is a machine that looks and acts like a human being, an efficient but insensitive person, a device that automatically performs especially repetitive tasks, and something guided by automatic controls.
As the technology grows more modern each day, scientists and programmers are creating improving the function of robots. But, many people are still debating should robots be developed more and should robots be used in daily life. I disagree that the further development of robots should be kept permitted. I choose this topic in order to inform how big the influence of robot in today’s life and also in the future. As why and how I defend my stand will be explained below.
Many people say robots could do more works and their works are faster than humans. Robots also do not complain and they do not require paycheck at the end of the month. In short, people say that robot is more efficient than humans. However, robots do not guarantee good results. Without good planning, the errors that robots make can be worse than humans because all of their works are programmed and computerized in a database. Once the database breaks down, company can have difficulties achieving their goals resulting losses to the company. People cannot simply depend on the machines that only repeat the same task over and over again. The negative side of robots in doing human’s job is robots cannot be responsible for their actions. They are made to perceive conditions and decide upon a course of action based on those conditions, not for the side effects of what they have done. Robots have artificial intelligent and they cannot replace human intelligent, therefore robots typically do not handle the unexpected as well as people do. So, the saying...

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