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Robyn Rihanna Fenty: The Game Of Fame

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In today’s world, celebrities are often misunderstood, especially singer/songwriter Robin Rihanna Fenty, referred to as Rihanna. Rihanna’s sexual behaviors in her videos have been talked about in negative ways for some time now, but what [eople do not understand is that it is all for fame. Celebrities will do anything to keep their career going strong. If one really took the time out to take a deep look at Rihanna, they will notice how humble she really is. After going through the abusive relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna has struggled with gaining that strong confidence with who she is. Her critics believe that she is still trying to discover herself and figure out who she really is as a person. Rihanna is often given two choices, to do what she is being asked to do, or throw her career out the window. She either gives the crowd the sexual acts they want or let her career die down. In the song “S&M,” Rihanna was really exposing herself to the crowd, as well as “Good Girl, Gone Bad.” She is basically telling the crowd that this is the person she is, but is it really? For my original piece I will be creating a journal, expressing the feelings Rihanna felt as she overcomes her struggles. Rihanna’s sexual behaviors in her videos are really all for fame and therefore, are easily misunderstood.

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III. Background
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known as Rihanna, was born on February 20,1988. She was born in St. Michael Parish on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Her mothers name is Monica Fenty, who is an accountant, and she is a mother of three, Rihanna being the oldest. Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, a warehouse supervisor, is the father of Monica’s three children. Rihanna had many struggles growing up as her father struggled with addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine. As if that was not a struggle in itself, her parents also had marital problems due to Ronald’s addictions. Unfortunately, the marriage turned into a divorce when Rihanna was 14 years old. Fortunately, Rihanna was able to mend the relationship with her father.
Another struggle that took part in Rihanna’s life was the crippling headaches that occurred for several years during her childhood. As Rihanna became older and has entered her teenage years, Rihanna figured out a stress reliever. She turned to singing as a soother. She decided to take it a baby step forward and formed a girl group with two classmates. When they were 15 years old, the were offered an audition with music producer Evan Rodgers who happened to be visiting the island with his wife. Rihanna took Rogers in awe by her precious, beautiful, and phenomenal talent. When Rihanna turned 16 years old, she left Barbados to move in with Rogers and his wife in Connecticut and work on recording a demo album. Rihanna stated, “When I left Barbados, I didn’t look back, I wanted to do what I had to do, even if it meant moving to America.”
Rihanna worked...

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