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Rock And Roll Music: Censored? Thesis:         Although Both Authors Support

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Rock and Roll Music: Censored? Thesis: Although both authors support their views, the author of :Should Rock be Censored" successfully completes her mission in supporting her belief that Rock and Roll music should be labeled, giving people a choice the music they are exposed to. While some people feel that explicit music should be labeled by entertainment producers, others do not see the point.I. Introduction A. Lead In B. Thesis II. Summary and Logic of Tipper Gore's article A. Summary Points 1. Dangers posed on children 2. Label (Censor) Material B. Logic 1. Excessive violence 2. Monitor active interest of children III. Summary and Logic of Anna Quindlen's article A. Summary Points 1. Raised on Rock-and-Roll 2. Dance to it Wall ii B. Logic 1. Feeling of music 2. Over-analyze IV. Conclusion A. Restate thesis B. Clincher Rock and Roll Music: Censored? Rock-and-Roll music today has been said to have a negative effect on today's youth.The debate over this topic is the negative effects it places on our children causes reasons for it to be censored. However, others claim that analyzing the music too much takes the feeling away from it. Most people tend to just go with the flow of the music and not the lyric it self. Although both authors support their views, the author of :Should Rock be Censored" successfully completes her mission in supporting her belief that Rock and Roll music should be labeled, giving people a choice the music they are exposed to. While some people feel that explicit music should be labeled by entertainment producers, others do not see the point.Tipper Gore expresses her concern about violence and sexuality in rock music. She claims our youth are suffering from the impact the music has on their actions. "This music celebrates gruesome violence and explicit messages that sadomasochism is the essence of sex" (Gore 51). According to Gore, this graphic violence is especially damaging for young children because "they lack the moral judgement of adults"(Gore 51). "Children are not aware of the consequences of their actions" (Gore 51). They...

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