Rock Chalk, Hungry Hawks Rationale Essay

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Deciding on what choices I wanted to make for my blog was very difficult, from deciding the target audience to just the background of my blog I really struggled during this assignment. The background I chose was an image of cookies cut out in the form of a Jayhawk. I made this decision because it has such a friendly and warm look and I want this blog to specifically appeal to KU students. This image gave me the idea for my title “Rock Chalk, Hungry Hawks.” I took the catchy “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” phrase and made it food related. I chose the specific font for the title because it reminded me of a childlike font from cartoons I watched when I was younger. Since the age group of 18-25 watched typically the same shows and more specifically cartoons I feel like this font will really connect to the reader. I made the title blue and the font of the text red to give it the look of the well-known colors of the University of Kansas. This also helps appeal to my target audience. The images and video I placed on the blog were ones I took while I was dining at Jefferson’s. I wanted the image to have something to with the paragraph that was above it. For example, when I did the conclusion of my blog, I placed the images of me and my roommate’s final receipts under it to symbolize the end of the blog. I added the video to give the viewers an idea of what the room looked like from my point of view.
Since I am not from Lawrence, I knew very little about the town when I got here. For that exact reason, I made sure to add a description of Mass Street for incoming freshman or people who are not from Lawrence. I also gave the intersection of where Jefferson’s is to make it easy to find. When I described the inside of the restaurant, I wanted to go into detail about the vibrant energy in the room because energy and vibe is one of the most important factor for college students. In college all we want to do is have fun and party like in the movies. If I would have went to a Village Inn or a restaurant that the elderly typically go to, it would not appeal to my target audience. I knew the description of the bar and the 5 TVs throughout the room would really attract college students. But to...

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