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Stone Cold Essay

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Pre 1914 'childhood' Essay' Compare the ways Blake, Dickens and Bronte portray childhood'In this essay I will be discussing how children were treated in the extracts from Dickens' 'Oliver Twist - 1837',' Blake's 'The Chimney Sweeper - 1789' and Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre - 1847.' The children are well cared for in our society now and have many luxuries to keep them entertained, but in these extracts it shows they are treated badly.Dickens 'Oliver twist' is about is the story of a young orphan. Oliver is born in a workhouse, to a mother who dies right after giving birth to him. When he turns nine, he is sent to the workhouse, where he and the others are treated badly and practically starved. The other boys are unable to stand their hunger any longer and decide to draw straws to choose who will have to go up and ask for more food. Oliver loses. On the day, after finishing his first serving of gruel, he goes up and asks for more.Blake's 'The chimney sweeper' is about by a Chimney Sweeper talking about himself. He tells us a little bit about himself first before talking about another Chimney Sweeper, Tom Dacre. After introducing us to Tom, he relates a very strange dream that Tom had one night it involved Chimney in coffins, angels. The poem concludes with Tom and the speaker waking up and going to work, sweeping' chimneys. Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' is about a young girl who lives with here aunt, who is sent to Lowood by her aunt. On Jane's second morning at Lowood, the girls are unable to wash, as the water in their pitchers is frozen. Jane quickly learns that life at the school is harsh. The girls are underfed, overworked, and forced to sit still during seemingly endless sermons. Still, she takes comfort in her new friendship with Helen, who impresses Jane with her expansive knowledge and her ability to patiently endure even the cruelest treatment from Miss Scatcherd.In JE the children have to sleep in cruel and harsh conditions. It talks about this when it says " the water in the pitchers was frozen", pitchers were a large container that held drinking water. This shows that the school was really cold and the girls some times couldn't wash themselves. This could have a bad effect on their health and wellbeing. In OT the children are also badly treated in a cruel way. It tells us this when it talks about " them sucking their fingers assiduously" which means they were sucking their fingers non stop, hoping that any food left on their hands or under their nails from the splash of the gruel would be sucked up. Also when it talks about " they are desperate with hunger", this shows that they haven't being getting much food and whenever they get food they suck there things showing that they are really hungry and they are starvation for three months. The worst extract I think the children's living conditions is seen in TCS, Blake's poem. He tells us that " that curl'd like a lamb's back", this shows a simile, which talks about the child being...

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