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Rock Is The Best Music Genre

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Music has been around for centuries, from the cavemen hitting bones on rocks to the new techno music the younger generations listens to. Music has branched since then into many different genres: first came the classical, then it deviated into something not a soul had experienced; rock or hip hop or punk, or rap, or many other versions of sound. Of all the genres that exist in today's modern world, the best that is available to people is definitely rock music. Rock music has connected to audiences that span across several generations; from parents to their children and to their children’s children can be how much time this genre has connected to multiple generations. This also proves to assist the genre to have one of the largest fan bases amongst all the genres. Along with the connection to the audiences and fan base sizes, this genre is one of the older ones that is apart of the template available to everyone.
KISS and AC/DC have been around for many years and they are still very popular today. Their fan base spans over generations of rock lovers, bringing different age groups together through the music. And by adding several different groups of people, these bands have some of the most diverse fans out there. Whether it be from animal lovers to the biker gangs rampaging the highways, or from what is considered “normal” people to the heavy metal heads, rock music has brought them together. This also includes people spanning all over the continents of the world!
Music brings people together, connecting on the emotional level present in the music. Presenting all of their emotions in their songs offer plenty of aid to the musicians as they attempt to connect with their audiences. Rock artists have composed many songs that include numerous and diverse topics that are somewhat encrypted into their songs. These artists have written songs about how much they love or adore a woman, how they missed a person, how they lost a person, and how corrupt the world has become. More rock groups that have surfaced today are trying their best to be positive role models for their fans; writing songs about how no one should ever give up and to hold on through life. By composing songs like this, these artists have connected to audiences who want to feel as if their very own life will get better through music. No matter what genre, reaching everyone out there helps to make any band a major success.
Connecting people is what has made this genre so popular for decades, and now it is one of the older genres to exist. Rock music has been around since as early as the 1940s, but in the form of R&B which later evolved into the rock we are familiar with today. At first many people were skeptical of how appropriate this type of music was for the youth of that generation. It was very much different from the ragtime music and jazz of that era ; however, the youth had taken a liking to it, they grew up...

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