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Rock Music Through The Ages Essay

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From clubs in Britain, to the garages in the United States, rock music is and has been taking the world head on for 60 years. It has always been the rebel in the music world, breaking all the rules and always making unexpected turns. With this said, let’s go back to where it all started, back to the 1950’s…
Around the mid 1950’s, a new type of music began to rise in the Southern United States. This music was like no other, for it wasn’t defined as just one type of music, but it had elements of many different genres all combined into one, this is music was called rock. Things in the 50’s were swell, so obviously the music should reflect the times. Rock around this era was known as Rockabilly, which is a mixture of the words rock and hillbilly, and it began a large movement. This music contained elements of rhythm and blues and also country and western, giving it sort of a good beat you could always listen and dance to. The first major rock and roll single to top the Billboards was Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” and from then, it took off.
The 1960’s would have to be the heyday of rock, for this is when it really began to expand and evolve in all kinds of directions. The 1960s gave rise to Blues-Rock, Folk Rock and Psychedelic Rock, not to mention in the 1960’s the British Invasion swept the United States. Although it originated in the United States, Rock began to spread quickly and it was a matter of time until it reached Great Britain. Intrigued by the new style of music, bands began to pop up here and there all over England, and then came The Beatles. The Beatles were the main leaders in the British Invasion, storming the United States, catching everybody’s attention, and leaving the biggest mark on the world in the history of Rock and Roll. Also a part of the British Invasion was the upbringing of Blues-Rock. Influenced by American Blues, bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds set out to make a name for themselves, not only did they accomplish their goal, but they also brought Blues-Rock into the increasing library of Rock genres, increasingly adopting louder amplified sounds centered mainly around the guitar.
Not to be left out of the 60s is the introduction of Folk Rock. Surprisingly enough, folk rock wasn’t that closely related to actual Rock music, but it is during the 1960s where they first began to influence each other. Artists, such as Joan Baez, Ledbelly and Bob Dylan, mainly focused on acoustic instruments and utilized traditional music and new compositions in a traditional style. Last but not least, the third type of Rock that shook the 60s was Psychedelic Rock. This heavily drug based music, that surprisingly began in the folk scene, seemed to really take off in California’s emerging music scene in places such as San Francisco, possibly because of it’s already developed psychedelic lifestyle. This music was very laid back and chill, but it also had hidden potential, guitar player Jimi Hendrix seemed to know this...

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