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Rock and Roll was one of the most influential music of the 1960’s. People that have listened to 60’s music and/or grew up in that era say it was the genre to listen to. People say that The Beatles were as good or better as Elvis Presley. The Beatles are one of the most listened to band since the 60’s. The way they took over the world is unforgettable and amazing; but as we get older we soon will forget our past and focus on our future but we can not forget what raised us and got us to this point in life. So as we had to get our start somewhere, and so did the Beatles.
The Start and beginning of the beatles, Started in a small bar in Liverpool. The members of The Beatles were all in different bands. John Lennon Stumbled upon Paul Mccartney when he was playing at a bar, later asked if he wanted to start a band together. Paul introduced John to George Harrison. John, Paul and George, with the addition of Johns Friend from art college, Stu Sutcliffe and a guitarist named Pete Best, set out to work in German clubs, where musicians were able to make a paltry living playing strip clubs and low end places. (Before n. pag.) The Fourth and final member Ringo Starr was later added when they all met playing at a bar in Hamburg. The remaining members, now called The Silver Beatles returned to Liverpool, where John and everyone were going through a hard time with a pregnant girlfriend. Later did he know their luck was about to change.
Their luck changed when a record store owner, named Brian Epstein, noticed the Beatles and thought they had something working for them. The Beatles started to clean up their tough image, their leather jackets for matching suits as Brian was pushing to help their records from label to label with no success. Although the group could not think of a good name. The group went through several names, They tried names such as the Johnny and the Moondogs, The Silver Beetles, The Beatals, The Silver Beatles, they finally got The Beatles. As The Beatles began to become bigger and better they start to rise, and a revolution starts to unfold.
Eventually, the Beatles began to discover their own sound, and actually had their first chart hit in 1962 “Love Me Do.” Once they started to write their own songs they started to get a rhythm, they would make about ten or eleven songs a day. One of their most popular songs Twist and Shout was written in an afternoon. Their first album, Please Please Me was released in the UK in March 1963. Please Please Me and She Loves You, were really popular and continuing airplay in the US. They were unstoppable, the way they were set up was a perfect match. As a unit the Beatles were a synergistic combination: Paul McCartney's melodic bass lines, Ringo Starr's no-rolls drumming, George Harrison's guitar leads, John Lennon's rhythm guitar and their four fervent voices. Most of all, they were attractive. Girls and boys would go crazy when they huard The Beatles they were beginning to become popular.

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