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Rocket Lab Essay

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Daily Responses Day 1 Procedure: We made a rough sketch of a rocket that we will possibly build in day 2. We decided on putting a twenty-four-ounce bottle on top of a two-liter bottle. We also decided to put fins on the rocket that are about as long as the two-liter bottle.Day 2 Procedure: We decided on a two-bottle design. We put together a two-liter bottle and a twenty four-ounce bottle on top of the two-liter bottle with duct tape. We put three fins on the two-liter bottle that were made out of cardboard.Day 3 Procedure: We filled our two-liter bottle one third of the way full. We launched the rocket and it carried a distance of about one hundred meters. We thought it flew very well but we are still going to improve on it in day four.Day 4 Procedure: We put new fins on the rocket and made them out of maintenance free house siding. We also made a nose cone out of an ice cream bucket cover. We didn?t have time to put the nose cone on the top of our rocket but tested it anyway. The rocket went directly to the right and didn?t go very far, we probably need to adjust the positions of our fins.Day 5 Procedure: We cut our top twenty four-ounce bottle in half and put wet paper towels in the remaining half to give the top end some more weight. Then we put a new twenty-ounce bottle over the bottom half and the paper towels. We then re-taped our fins and tested our rocket. Our rocket went one hundred twenty meters.Day 6 Procedure: We started to build our parachute rocket today. We made a design for our parachute. Our parachute is 32 inches in diameter. We made eight holes equally spaced around the edge of our parachute. We discarded the whole top of our preciously made rocket.Day 7 Procedure: We put strings on our parachute. We then made a nose cone out of paperboard and attached it to the top bottle with a string. We reinforced the nose cone with tape. We also attached a twenty-ounce bottle to the base two liter bottle to put our parachute in.Day 8 Procedure: We attached strings to our rocket from our parachute. We did this by putting our eight strings in two groups of four and attaching them side-by-side and taping them. We tested our rocket, it went very high but the parachute didn?t come out. The second time we tested the parachute came our but the strings got tangled in the string attached to our nose cone.Day: 9 Procedure: We removed the string attached to our nose cone. We also put a little more weight to the bottom of our rocket. We gathered all the information we needed before we tested our parachute rocket. My partner and me decided to fill our two-liter bottle with about nine hundred milliliters of water. The first time we tested our rocket it didn?t do very well at all so we decided to test it again. The second test went fairly well, our rocket went about sixty-nine meters high but the parachute didn?t come out.Distance Rocket Introduction: We are building this rocket for distance. The more distance the rocket travels the better. We are...

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