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Rocky Roads Essay

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Obstacles exist to make people stronger. Eight years ago, a permanent transformation took place in my life when my parents decided to go through a lengthy process of divorce. My world came crashing down; what was once a picture-perfect family quickly evolved to a perpetual controversy. After all the papers were signed and the deals were made, they split. I was an emotional wreck. I broke down, submerged in tears, I latched onto my mom’s leg refusing to let go.

I am the middle child in the family, accompanied by my older brother Andrew and younger sister Madi. Over the years, Madi and I have formed an eternal bond. Each week we go about the same schedule, bouncing back and forth between houses together. Andrew and I on the other hand, are not as close. My mother aforementioned he could visit her whenever, yet suggested that it would be best if he stayed with my dad full time. He was emotionally shattered when ...view middle of the document...

Times when Andrew had no money but still needed a way of income for his drug addiction, he began stealing objects within our household to pawn off. It toyed with me intellectually. I’ve had to find other resources in place of my brother and eventually learned to rely on myself.

After witnessing Andrew continuously make poor decisions, I made a compliance with myself to never follow in his footsteps. I feel empathy for him regardless; he is still my brother. Having been a visual learner I was greatly influenced by him. I took bits and pieces from his experiences which has guided me to become an aristocratic older sibling, and role model for Madi. In this sense, I made it my duty to be her mentor. Often, I found myself cooking her dinner, checking her homework, and teaching her the fundamentals to becoming a strong athlete; just the same as I’d always hoped Andrew would do for me. This forced me to mature sooner than most and also heavily reflects on who I am today. Being involved in many sports growing up, I strained myself to stay well balanced betwixt school, home, work and ball. Constantly keeping track of all my sports equipment, along with my school work and clothes, has helped me become a neatly organized individual.

Overall, I believe my parent’s separation has affected me for the better. I’ve come out a tougher, more responsible human being, and I continue to grow day by day. Dealing with hardships has taught me to use the lessons I’ve learned from them as stepping stones to the next chapter in my life. All my hard work is finally going to pay off as I go to college and I dedicate myself to something I enjoy. My motivation stems from a passion for success, and a degree in my dream of becoming an athletic trainer. Athletic training will allow me to analyze human movement by using critical thinking to create individualized treatment plans for each client I encounter. Most importantly, it will give me a chance to build strong relationships with patients. Using my leadership skills I will navigate them by instilling confidence, support, and inspiration; the same way I guided my sister.

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