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Rocky, What Were You Thinking? Essay

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I remember right where I was sitting.

I was leaning on the glass coffee table when my cell phone rang. It was my best friend from high school, my “BFF”, Maryanne. We didn’t always stay in touch over the years, at least not on a regular basis, but we always knew we’d always be there for each other with the phrase we’d adopted about our friendship “no matter what”. It was always a warm moment when I answered a call from her, or when she would answer one from me. We had history and an abiding love of one another through many years and many trials and tribulations.

So as always, when I answered the phone and saw that it was her, I was once again delighted. We got those initial moments of joy ...view middle of the document...

He’d had a rough childhood with both mom and dad getting killed together in a car crash…leaving five siblings to be raised by the grandmom, “Granny”—she was a tough old cookie, but the times were tough also, and five kids is a handful even under the best circumstances!

Rocky was still with us when his older brother died from a drug overdose where they found his body in a park about a week later. I had nightmares about the face in the coffin for a long time, it was bloated and not the Barry I knew. I vowed then that I would never go to another funeral; that I preferred to remember the deceased as I knew them, not all distorted as in this case, and cold and with so much caked-on makeup…I didn’t need to have such memories of dead bodies….

And though I missed my grandmother’s funeral for that reason, I did start showing up again, I guess for the people outside the coffin, who maybe needed me there…and I showed up for Rocky, and I remember how his sister, Donna, who’d already suffered the same losses in the family, I remember how she bawled and bawled, almost like an animal...

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