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The Rococo fashion period occurred during the eighteenth century in Europe and in other European influenced countries. (History Of Fashion-Rococo). France, as the major arbiter of the Rococo fashions, designed using exquisite fabrics, silks, velvets, embroidery, lace, plumes, ribbon, ruffles, and fur which would characterize the century.(Fashion in the Western World). The movement is known for incorporating the French “rocaille” and the Italian “barocco” together to create Rococo, which is known for being daintier than the preceding Baroque movement in the Seventeenth Century (Fashion History.zee). By studying Rococo fashion, history can be learned and one can easily see that the fashions of the Eighteenth Century still influence modern fashion.
Women’s hairstyles evolved during the century and were an important part of the Rococo fashion ensemble. In 1720 and 1730, the hairstyles were short and had curls in the back. Dark hair was the popular color. Dyes were used to create the color using berries, lead combs, or wine. Hairstyles were decorated with elements such as flowers, ribbons, bows, white caps, and pearls. In the middle of the century, hair was curled and kept off of the forehead. For evening wear, the hair was decorated with flowers and plumes. In 1750, the hair started to be powdered white and the coiffure grew. Unlike the men, women did not wear artificial hair and wigs until the later part of the century. By 1770, the coiffure was at record heights. False hair pads made from horsehair and wire structures were used to achieve the height that the wearer desired. The hair was adorned with ribbons, pearl ropes, flowers, and plumes still. Some hairstyles included feathers too high for the wearer to sit in their carriages comfortably. The seats either had to be lowered or the wearer had to kneel. Curls fell at the sides of the face sometimes, and sausage curls were popular. The extreme styles were often desired among the...

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