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Rodeo Cruelty: What Do You Think?

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Carlton West
Comp 1, 8 MWF
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Rodeo Cruelty, What do you think?

Animal abuse can be looked at in many different forms but it’s mostly up to you to determine if you agree or disagree with it. Many people believe rodeos should be outlawed because of the visible abuse. It could be from a steer getting drug behind a horse or from probes that make bucking horses and bulls buck. Others believe that all actions are taken to insure the safety of the animals and the contestants. The real question is what do you believe?
Rodeo is more common in the western part of The United States. It is also an official sport in the states of Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and Texas. Rodeo originated from working cowboys out west who roped calves for doctoring purposes and rode bucking horses to train them to help work the farms of the west. There are a wide variety of rules and regulations that rodeo contractors have to abide by. Most of them make sure the animals are treated properly and the riders or ropers are kept safe. The rules and regulations vary from state to state. Some states may have more strict rules than another. Some states like California protects the timed event livestock more and they will not allow you to use probes with electricity when an animal is in the chutes. Other states like Ohio will focus more on the rough stock and will not allow any probes in bucking straps and unpadded bucking straps that go on the flank of bucking stock.

One sport of rodeo that raises the eyebrows of many anti-rodeo activists is Team Roping. Team roping was used for the purpose of catching live cattle on the range to perform vaccinations and to treat injuries. Team Roping is defined as on cowboy ropes the steer around the horns and turn left, so that the next cowboy can come behind him and attempt to rope the back two feet of the steer. Today it is more of a fast paced game for the top cowboys in the world to show their skill. Many people dislike this event because of the way cattle are pulled on and stretched out. Some will make the case that the lariat ropes that is used to rope these cattle causes permanent damage to the skin of them. Those people also have no idea as to the anatomy of a cattle and the strength of its hide. The lariat ropes will not cause any intentional hurt on the cattle unless it is constantly roped time and time again. There are many rules regarding the amount of times a single roping steer can be run through the chute each performance.
Another event in Rodeo is Calf Roping. Calf Roping was used on the ranches to catch cattle when you were alone to give the treatment for injury or to vaccinate them. It became a popular rodeo event after the great Roy Cooper brought more attention to the event with his flashy roping and amazing times. Calf Roping is much different from team roping because it only requires one roper. The ropes used are also different, while team roping ropes are more nylon based. Calf roping ropes are more...

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