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Rodeo State Finals Essay

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Rodeo State Finals

This is what I had been hoping for the entire year. I had been to many that were quite the same to this one, but none that could give me the same enduring edginess and serenity that I was feeling right now. My eyes skimmed across the hundreds of people who were all there for the same reason as me. Striving to be out of the sweltering sun, but not out of clear view of what I came for, I lead myself in a mighty search for the spot for which I belonged. As I sat down, I prepared myself for the pain that I was going to feel about an hour later. I always forgot how sore I would get from sitting on the bleachers for so long, but every time I approached them, I would remember and smile.

During, the whole rodeo season I looked forward to going to the State Finals. I didn't attend the finals as a participant, but as a spectator. As President of the "Saddle Bronc Fan Club" for my friend Cole, there was no way I would miss this experience. We both had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Everything about going to this rodeo was fantastic: the food, the fun, most of all, the rodeo grounds. The place that I fit in was in the stands of the arena. Sitting there for four days got a little old, and, going on the fifth day, I was a little tired. Nevertheless, tired or not, this was what I had been looking forward to--the Short Go. This is the round in a rodeo when the top 15 from each event compete for the title of State Champion.

This day was different from the other days that I had come. I could feel the tension and hostility in the air from the contestants. Maybe it was from the stress and pressure of the day's rodeo, or maybe it was from the fact that they all were wearing long sleeve shirts and pants in over one hundred-degree weather. Although I stuck out like a simple flower in a pile of hay, at least I was somewhat comfortable in my tank top, shorts and 2-inch-high flip-flops. When I reached a position of only a few feet away from others, I noticed their condemning eyes that seemed to always find their way to me. Since I had lathered myself in an entire bottle of coconut sunscreen, I didn't know if they were gazing at me because of the way I smelled, the way I looked, or both. Nonetheless, I did not care; I was on a mission and that was to make my way to the rodeo stands.

However, occasionally there is a slight delay in the completing of a mission. Whether considered a distraction or a detour, the overpowering smell of the infamous rodeo hotdogs undeniably diverted my path. Surrounded by so many food booths, I could not distinguish which was emitting the mesmerizing scent. My stomach was growling and rumbling so loud that I thought that if I didn't eat something soon, my stomach was going to eat me! I finally found the booth that I was looking for, and, judging by the number of people in line, I knew that I was going to be there a lot longer than eight seconds. I glimpsed at my watch and...

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