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'' Through a goof deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.'' Thomas Hardy Poet, Author of the 20th century. He was the most recognized author of the Victorian era and known primarily as a novelist. Hardy is known as a gifted poet. As a poet, Thomas was best known for Love, passion, and the unexpected. Thomas was known for many accomplishments through his life.
Thomas Hardy was born in a village of upper Bock Hampton in England on June 2, 1840. Thomas Hardy was a man of wonders and achievement. Thomas was an English novelist and poet who set his works in the semi-fictionalized county of Wessex. Thomas was the child of Thomas Hardy Senior and Jemima Hand ...view middle of the document...

Besides work Thomas had a happy personal life. A romance with Eliza Nicholls, a lady’s maid, inspired the sonnet sequence She to Him, but his involvement with her ended in 1867 Thomas first wife was Emma who passed away. Thomas married again in 1914 to Florence Dugale, which was his second and last wife until death. Florence's was a extremely devoted wife. She published a book about Thomas after his death. Thomas wife was also a great written but most people thought she had written the book. The book was left of what Thomas was working on and she had just finished it up (3-1).
The End of Thomas Hardy life was his death on January 1, 1928, at the age of 87 years old. Thomas was cremated into ashes and buried at Poet Corner in the Westminster Abbey. After a long and highly successful life Thomas is still known for his greatest. From today, Thomas poems are still being read as he is still her. Finally, I have recognized and learn the interest thing of Thomas Hardy life and his work of passion in poetry (6-1).
‘’The Man he Killed’’ was a poem by Thomas Hardy. ’’The man he killed’’ was about a man who was shot. Who had met someone and they had a little chat talk over with some beer, but they didn’t meet that way. They met some other way and didn’t...

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