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Roderigo: The Story Of A Gullible Man

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Roderigo: The Story of a Gullible Man
Thesis- Due to his extreme passion for Desdemona; his willingness to commit heinous and evil acts; and how he permits Iago to con him to the point of financial ruin, Roderigo is a complete fool.
The extreme passion for Desdemona blinds Roderigo from the truth.
Roderigo is very obsessed with Desdemona and the extreme flurry of passion does not allow him to act rationally.
He even admits to Iago how he is an extremely emotional man; he admits that it is his fault that he is so passionate, but he cannot fix it.
Roderigo does not have his own thought process. Instead, he relies on sudden passions and more intelligent people to direct him in life.
So great is his obsession and so little is his rationality, that he is willing to commit and irrational heinous acts in order to be with the object of his obsession.
In the first act and the last scene, Iago expresses his desire to end his life. This is an indicator that his thought process is not entirely normal. This is an indicator of severe depression, which has been known to cause impaired judgement.
Although Desdemona's father has the right to know that his daughter has married Othello, her father is an old man who should receive the news gently. The fact that he awoke this poor man in the middle of the night, yelled at him, and caused him such trauma all for the sake of being with Desdemona, is yet another indicator that not only is he psychologically impaired, but it is also evidence of how far he is willing to go to be with the object of his obsession.
Some of the most compelling evidence comes from Act IV, in which Roderigo acts as an accomplice by instigating a fight after Iago has successfully intoxicated Cassio. This causes Cassio to loose his job and ruins his reputation.
The product of his incompetence, passion, and obsession with Desdemona leads him to financial ruin brought on by listening to Iago after repeated events that act as indicators of Iago conning him.
It is not until almost the end of this play that Iago realizes that none of Iago's plan has not worked.
At this point he is financially destroyed and emotionally devastated.
Because at this point he is emotionally ruined and financially devastated, he has come of the realization that he cannot continue to follow Iago. However, if his finances were not so ruined, he would have continued to follow Iago.
One would think that after going through this emotional trauma and financial devastation he would stop, but this is not the case. In the last act, it is instructions from Iago that ultimately cause his death.

Roderigo: The Story of a Gullible Man
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