Roe V. Wade Impact The World

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Over 30,000 cases have been heard since the Supreme Court existed but only a few have actually been chosen to be ruled on. Many cases not only affect those involved personally but they affect the American people as a whole. Jane Roe was an unmarried and pregnant Texas resident in 1970 who was trying to have an abortion and claimed that Texas law violated her First, Fourth, Fifth Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights . Roe v. Wade was a very important case to all woman then and now because it ensured the right that woman have to choose whether or not to have an abortion. This case impacted the political, social, and economic society of the American woman, men, and families still to this day.
Politically this case is still praised all the time. On the 41st anniversary of this case, President Obama stated “We reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman's access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom” . Abortion opponents make up the most significant element of the Republican Party. The abortion conflict has introduced an element into political discourse that is very ugly. A U.S. senator called for the execution of abortion providers and at least three states introduced the “justifiable homicide” laws which intend to cover killings committed in the defense of an “unborn child” however none of these laws have been passed to date . After the murder of George Tiller, an abortion doctor who was shot and killed in a Kansas church, abortion rights supporters in the U.S. Senate have not been able to pass a resolution condemning this act. Some people think that Roe v. Wade was a right to abortion before the American public was ready for it because there is no mention of abortion in the constitution and the ruling’s claim to authority rooted in a constitutional reasoning sounds absurd. In 2009, according to the CDC, 64 percent of abortions were performed at less than eight weeks’ gestation, 91.7 were performed at less than 13 weeks, and only 1.3 percent were performed after 21 weeks . Roe not only was a brilliant politician but her stand against women’s’ rights to have an abortion have changed the political view and will continue to change this view for many years to come.
Before Roe v. Wade, it was a felony, in most states in the U.S., punishable by fine or imprisonment which obligated women to bring the child to term regardless of the conditions of their life or how they came to be pregnant unless there was an imminent risk to the woman’s life. One of the major social impact that this case had was it stopped abortion procedures from being done illegally and without proper medical procedures. When abortions were illegal, women...

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