Roger And Me Documentary Analysis

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In business, outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. To all those in power it is a worthwhile task to complete, with many reeking the positive effects including consumers and the producer, but it is in the documentary Roger and Me directed by Michael Moore that showcases the harsh realities of outsourcing the multimillion dollar company General Motors down to Mexico. The film uses an array of cinematic conventions to stage the misfortune and bleakness a whole city and its population endure with the loss of over 30 000 jobs.There are numerous benefits to outsourcing factories to another country such as a more cost efficient level of production meaning a cheaper product for the consumer, but is it really worth destroying a whole citizens economy? It is in the film that we are witnessed to multiple families being evicted from their homes unable to pay the rent due to there job being outsourced. The technique of construction of shots is used to create an emotional response from the viewer. The chaotic scene of a single mother and her children being kicked out of there house on Christmas eve is placed next to the scene of the man responsible for the outsourcing presenting a Christmas address. The scenes showcases a grave juxtaposition and further enforces the idea that those making the decisions do not face negative effects only the rewards where as this poor woman is being evicted from her own home hours before a holiday that emulates the value of giving. These scenes lead to anger from a viewer and to challenge the popular belief that outsourcing benefits all.Arguments are made that these who lost there job are still unemployed after a period of time as they are just to lazy to find another, it is comments like that which prove that those saying them have had ever thing in life given to them. The film interviews a man who has found a new job working as a corrections officer, the film technique of a long shot is provided to see the mans facial expression fade...

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