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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a story based in the Puritan town of Boston about a young woman named Hester Prynne who committed adultery and was discovered by the Puritan government and religious authorities because she became pregnant and had a baby. Her punishment was 3 hours on the platform of the pillory at the market place, where no small amount of people watched her. She was also doomed to where a mark of her sin on her bosom, a scarlet letter A, for the rest of her life, which was certainly the greater of the two punishments. The man whom she committed adultery with, Mr. Arthur Dimmesdale, is a learned and highly renowned pastor. Everyone in the town loves him dearly and looks at him as a saint. Hester Prynne’s (ex) husband, returns from England where he stayed during Hester Prynne’s time of infidelity, and discovers what Hester did in his absence, after which he calls himself Roger Chillingsworth (his real name is never mentioned in the novel) and makes Hester swear never to reveal his true identity to anyone. Roger Chillingsworth later discovers Arthur Dimmesdale was the one whom Hester Prynne slept with in his absence, and then proceeds to take his revenge upon the frail mental state of the poor, tortured clergyman. Roger Chillingsworth became a truly evil and formidable enemy later. He became obsessed in seeking out justice against the man who wronged him, but in doing so he completely debased himself and dealt injustice against Arthur Dimmesdale.
A key element to the story is Arthur Dimmesdale’s weakened and ill state. Roger Chillingsworth is a skilled physician who is called in to help him. In doing so, he became Arthur’s close friend as well as his doctor. Chillingsworth even went so far as to move in with him. The physician soon became obsessed with Arthur Dimmesdale, and set about to discover everything he could about the clergyman’s personality and traits. Here I quote from the book: “So Roger Chillingsworth--the man of skill, the kind and friendly physician--strove to go deep into his patient’s bosom, prying into his recollections, and probing every thing with a cautious touch, like a treasure seeker in a dark cavern.” The reason for Chillingsworth’s actions lies here: “He deemed it essential, it would seem, to know the man, before attempting to do him good. Wherever there is a heart and an intellect, the diseases of the physical frame are tinged with the peculiarities of these.” So, Roger Chillingsworth sought such things in order to better understand the nature and causes of his illness, so as to be more capable of properly treating Dimmesdale.
Chillingsworth eventually told Arthur, while speaking in ridiculous riddles so as to not sound offensive, that the disease was of a spiritual nature, caused by an affliction of the soul. He tried to ascertain the cause of this affliction, and got the following reaction of the tortured clergyman: “ ‘No--not to thee!--not to an earthly physician!’ cried Mr....

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