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Rogerian Argument Essay

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Many people believe that College athletes have it easy, and who wouldn’t think that? A free education, free living; getting to travel and play the sport that many people would love to still be able to. Student athletes also get to pick classes earlier than a regular student and have the ability to be excused from classes to go to games and special events. The life of a student athlete sounds like an enticing thing for many people; especially those who are not student athletes on scholarships or walk-ons to a college team. The rising cost of attending college has made the younger athletic population work just as hard to receive a scholarship to play a sport, because they may come from poverty ...view middle of the document...

They also receive free medical attention if they get hurt it is all covered by the school and the scholarship. And if that wasn’t enough, they get to travel around the country and get to be on TV as well as have the best equipment to train with. These are all things that we all wish we could have the time to do. Athletic scholarships provide incentives for student to go to school, because without them they would not be able to either because of academics or financial means. Critics say that these students have it pretty well made compared to others in the academic world, and in most cases that is true. However, there is a whole other side to being a student athlete on scholarship that some people do not see.( USA Today)
A common misconception of being a student athlete is that everything is “free”; this in most cases is completely false. Yes, scholarships help pay for the basics (living, board, food, travel, tuition etc.) but not everything is covered and it is not a guarantee they you will even stay on scholarship. For example, you have a football player on full scholarship which is roughly among Division one athlete is 120,000 dollars per year. This player gets injured for an entire season and could miss part of the next season, and then it is up to the coaches’ discretion whether to keep the player on scholarship. Yes, you can lose a scholarship if you get hurt or don’t play well. This is a loophole that many people don’t see until it is too late. It is designed to protect the school from losing money. There have been many debates on whether athletes should be paid; and they should. (Add stats and reasons why, money, services they provide, northwestern football) Schools make millions and even billions of dollars in revenue a year from their sporting events and merchandise sold. The players see none of it. Instead the money goes to the school, who is already receiving millions of dollars a year from students paying for school; or better yet; it goes to the head coaches of the programs. Alabama Head football coach recently signed a contract extension which he gets 7 million dollars a year, that’s for someone who only coaches. The argument has recently been made by the Northwestern University football team, which they can and should be able to form a players union. Their basis of argument was that as players, they provide a service. They spend 50 to 60 hours a week doing football related activities. They can be dismissed from the team at any time, and have to maintain to a code of conduct as well as have regulations to what they say to the media and or their social networks. And that the school receives profit through the players services. That by definition means that they are an employee to the school and the school is the employer. By this argument alone, one can see where...

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