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Rogers’ Adoption Theory In Automotive Sales The Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the use of sales force automation technology in the pharmaceutical industry and the automotive sales industry is based on Rogers’ Adoption Theory. Also, the purpose of this study is to explore whether the use of this technology by innovators is due to perceived usefulness and ease of use, or whether something else is responsible for motivating salespeople to use this technology.
Questions that can be explored as part of this process include the following:
• Who are these salespeople?
• Why did they choose the field of pharmaceutical sales or automobile sales for their careers?
• How have their personal relationships been affected by the technological demands of the job?
• How have the demands associated with this technology affected the way they perform their jobs?
• Has the technology improved performance and communication throughout ...view middle of the document...

The reason for the push to use this technology appears to be because of the high cost of implementation by management of the rollout of this technology to the entire sales force at once and the perceived benefits of being able to use the technology for call planning and for collaborating with other members of the organization.
The goal of this study will be to observe full-time sales representatives with respect to the use of sales force automation technology as part of their daily sales activities. The goal of this study will be to observe 30 sales representatives who have been identified as being innovators through the Kiersey Type Sorter using a qualitative research approach to seek meaning with regard to behaviors and interactions associated with the ability to collaborate with other members of the organizations in the pharmaceutical and automotive sales settings. The observations will be accompanied by interviews that will be further explained in the section labeled Research Design and Procedures.
Research Perspective
The research approach that will be used for this study is that of a qualitative design. The approach will also be phenomenological. The goal of qualitative research is to understand human behavior, emotion, attitudes and experiences on the part of salespeople that attempt to comply with their company’s guidelines regarding the use of technology (Tong, Flemming, McInnes, Oliver & Craig, 2012). It will be important to make a determination with regard to the motivational perspective that participants have with regard to how they approach their jobs as healthcare and automotive salespeople.
The data, in this case, will include interview notes, field notes from observations, and documents regarding the guidelines that salespeople must follow, which are considered as historical information. In-depth interviews will be used to gather information about what salespeople experience on a daily basis in order to perform their jobs. Also, coding will be used to try to create an organized format that can also be used to introduce quantitative methods to facilitate the process of analyzing the data.
Research Design and Procedures

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