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"ROHYPNOL" One of the major problems in this century is date rape; this phenomenon has become more important everyday. The surprise is that there is an astonishingly high rate of date rape on college campuses. In some places 25 to 50 percent of all under graduate females have been victims of date rape. Most of the victims are woman that trust their date. Studies show that now woman are being drugged with the so-called "roofie" a dose that a man uses to consume his attack on a woman.Scary Truth about date rape Today, the use of Rohypnol is one of the fastest growing drug problems in both areas. It is an inexpensive drug ranging from $2 to $3 per pill, and it attracts young users. The trauma caused by a date rape can be more devastating than a rape committed by a stranger (Teen, p.72). The main side effect of the drug is a memory loss of 4-10hrs. During which time a person can be rendered helpless. Rohypnol is now the "date rape" drug of choice this is scary to think about you never know what is in your drink therefore, you always have to be on the look out. The average woman who report having black outs are about 20-25% they report that they have been drugged. Rohypnol has been found to be physically addictive, and it does have bad withdrawals.What is a "roffie" This pill can be obtained as easy as buying candy. It is smuggle from the frontier of Mexico to the United States. The official name of this date rape drug is "Rohypnol" known as "Roffie". The company who manufactured this drug is, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., a Swiss company whose American affiliate is Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. The purpose of this drug is to be used as a sedative (prescription for insomnia). It is legal on the State of Mexico and Colombia but not in the United States. Used now for the purpose of drug abuse in Universities and High schools. It is more effective when the drug has been taken with alcohol. This drug is slipped in the drinks of young woman. The effect that this drug gives to a person who has taken it without knowing consists of blackouts and amnesia. It was first detected in the State of Florida where many students of Universities started using it just for fun. It became more obsessive when it was given to woman for the purpose of rape. The consequence of this is that the female would have insomnia and she did not know if she had been raped or not.What does a Roffie look like? The appearance of this pill is very small just like an aspirin, white, and odorless being ten times as powerful as Valium (Lively, p29). It can be dropped into the victims drink without their knowledge, causing them to pass out. Since a woman cannot taste any difference in her drink she does not think twice about consuming the beverage and after thirty minutes or so the effects start the kick in. at this time the male is aware of her condition and takes advantage of it.What happens when you take Rohypnol? Rohypnol intoxication is generally...

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1313 words - 5 pages drink of an unsuspecting victim by their own date. One of the most common date rape drugs is Rohypnol, a drug ten times more potent than Valium (Midland Police Service, 1999). The result of this drug is that the victim will remember nothing of the sexual assault. Sometimes the victim does know that the assault is happening, but can't do anything about it. Rohypnol can also cause muscle weakness, fatigue, slurred speech, loss of motor coordination and


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977 words - 4 pages like those of Ketamine, and the plant is grown domestically; imported from Mexico, central and South America (source- 2). Salvia is a legal substance to buy and have in possession. Ketamine's availability has been increasing in most cities, whereas GHB and Rohypnol are concentrated in the South and West, where availability trends are mixed (source- 3). Ketamine is a downer anesthetic, primarily developed for veterinarians to give their nonhuman

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1877 words - 8 pages . This same day Kurt is rushed to the hospital. He had gone into a coma from overdosing on Rohypnol and champagne. He had taken 50 doses of Rohypnol, which is like the drug valium. The press goes wild and says it is all a suicide attempt. Kurt wakes twenty hours later and denies it was an attempt. At this time Nirvana decides to cancel the rest of the tour and take a rest. Through all of the tours their are rumors that tensions are high between the

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1994 words - 8 pages Rohypnol and champagne. He had taken 50 doses of Rohypnol, which is like the drug valium. The press goes wild and says it is all a suicide attempt. Kurt wakes twenty hours later and denies it was an attempt. At this time Nirvana decides to cancel the rest of the tour and take a rest. Through all of the tours their are rumors that tensions are high between the group members. The press says there is constant fighting. There is even a rumor that the

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