Roland Wakelin; Carlingford Pastoral Wheatstacks Visual Arts Assignment

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Plate 1:
Vincent van Gogh, French (1853-1890) Evening Landscape with Rising Moon, 1889, oil on canvas, 72 x 92cm

The Evening Landscape with Rising Moon by Vincent Van Gogh is a detailed artwork that has engaged in the material and the conceptual practice of painting. Van Gogh has included very precise brushstrokes with each stroke increasing the surface area of the artwork. In most of Van Gogh’s artworks, there are three essential symbolic elements; sun, the moon and stars. In this beautiful painting, the moon which is painted in strokes of different shades of yellow rises from the “Alpilles mountains”( and the light reflecting off the sun is shown by the “short, regular, white strokes”( which creates the effect of brightness across the landscape which is a wheatfield. Vincent Van Gogh tended to draw a lot of wheatfields in his artworks because he lived in an assylum(he had depression and often had panic fits) in Arles which consisted of many wheatfields.

The most beautiful feature of this artwork is the fact that it has a constant brushstroke over the artwork but with differing colours. An amazing technique Van Gogh has applied is that he used different shades of the same colour but coloured in the moon so bright that it can be mistaken for a sun. This technique he used is post-impressionism which is when the artist does not paint the object the same colour that they actually are. It was also used show the artist’s reaction to the object.

Although it unnoticeable, there is a house located in the right hand side of the painting. This is not painted with the same pattern probably because he got bored with the pattern and wanted to add some sort of twist later. The Evening Landscape with Rising Moon, hypnotises the viewer and shows “nature’s underlying rhythm”( with a constant brushstroke and a range of colours.

Plate 2:
Claude Monet, French (1840-1926), Wheatstacks (End of Summer), 1890-91, oil on canvas, 60cm x 100cm

Wheatstacks which is the part of the series of the “End of Summer” was beautifully painted using oil by Claude Monet. This artwork has a basic composition; consists of two wheatstacks surrrounded by the field, the hills and the sky. Claude Monet started using wheatstacks as a subject in his paintings in 1888. His neighbours had a field which stood out of his house at Giverny. The artist would use that as his landscape and produce beautiful paintings.

In this painting, Claude Monet chose warm colours but dark colours, reds and purples tempered with blue, and the sky was a yellowish white. The haystacks cast shadows due to the high position of the sun and these dramatic effects confused the artist as to what colours should be used to match the visual...

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