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Role And Functions Of Law Essay

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There are several functions of law, but only one role. The role of law in society (and likewise in business) is to be the keeper of order and set rules that all individuals are expected to follow, so that there can not only be a consensus on what is right and wrong, but also so there can be a decision on when to punish someone and how to determine whether they have broken the law (NetTom, 2004). This is also important in determining what the punishment should be for specific crimes. Essentially, law is the gatekeeper between right and wrong, and those who are charged to uphold it must take their jobs seriously, unless they become corrupted by power and find ways to break the law themselves.Law plays a huge role in everyone's life and provides a solid structure for us to be successful as a society. Absence of our legal system would provide many opportunites for different types of criminal acts to take place and would make every member of our society vulnerable. Law shapes our lives in many different ways. It provides us protection and also provides us with compensation if we were to get injured. All of the different types and forms of law are always changing to try and make this a better society to live in. The more mistakes we make in society the more laws we have to create. Our society is everchanging because we have to continuously enact laws to protect our people and our country. Without law there would be no control and with no control this world would be almost unliveable.If people lived by there own laws there would be total chaos. Take the movie Lord of Flies as an example. In the video the children were isolated on a deserted island. The group was to be in total control of the island and was incharge of making all of the laws. During different occassions in the video, they made the deserted chilren fight for their survival. If this was to happen in our everyday life the world would be a terrible place to live in. People...

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