Role Conflicts What Role Conflicts Do You Experience In Your Life, And How Do They Interfere With Each Other?

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One of items that the public often have a hard time coming to terms with stems from the subject of time management. Despite trying their best, many often find it nearly impossible to do all the things they want to do in life while using the correct and ethical methods. While a hundred years ago, someone's daily agenda may have resembled sleep, eight hours of work, and some home repair, it's clear that in today's rapid paced world, it's easy for one to find themselves making extremely important sacrifices to one of their roles in order to partially satisfy the needs of others. In my own life, there is a countless number of roles that I'm required to fill, and others that I've volunteered myself to fill. One of the ones I've thrusted upon myself that finds itself creating problems is my college career.When I was in ninth grade, I worked hard enough to achieve a goal that I had set for myself five years prior. That goal, to earn straight A's, was satisfied all four marking periods that year to my great surprise. Very happy that I had done so well, my father, an adjunct at Burlington County College in the Criminal Justice department, presented me with the opportunity to accelerate my college by completing three to six credits a semester at BCC while still in high school. Knowing that this was the perfect opportunity to finish credits in Mathematics and Science, the courses that I'd do poorly on if presented with at a four year college, I took him up on the offer.What I did not realize at the time was just how arduous and time consuming my classes would eventually become. While I very rarely have given in to stress during my life, there have been times while doing my BCC work that I've felt myself falling apart at the seams. That is not because the work is necessarily difficult to an uncomprehensible degree. Instead, is it because my role as a college student has often served to conflict with my high school work, in addition to my job in Media Relations. These two life features have more than once left me unable to complete my college work until the eve...

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