Role Identification And Course Analysis Paper

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A+ Business Consulting (A+) is a diverse firm that will draw on the skills and talents of its four founders to create a knowledgeable, dedicated, experienced, and practical team. Specific roles and responsibilities of each team member will be discussed in addition to how each skill aligns with he company's goals. Education also plays an integral part in building a solid foundation of any business endeavor. The A+ Business Consulting team will examine specific subjects our team members have studied what their affects are on our business objectives.Roles and Responsibilities for Each MemberA+ Business Consulting specializes in advising management teams across many different industries and disciplines. "Management analysts, often referred to as management consultants in private industry, analyze and propose ways to improve an organization's structure, efficiency, or profits." (U.S Department of Labor) As a developing firm, A+ will focus its efforts on four business groups; finance, legal, technology and general business. As the firms principals grow and gain practical experience, A+ will undoubtedly hire more specialists to compete in other markets.Team Member 1 has taken the role of Vice President and Treasurer. In her role, Team Member 1 "wields executive authority when the President is unavailable, or (as with the President) in immediate response to a crisis, or as otherwise delegated to her by the President" (Raymond, E. 2003). Team Member 1 will also manage the bank accounts and have signing authority over those accounts. In addition to these roles, Team Member 1 is responsible for leading the firm in the legal aspects of management consulting. She is currently employed by a County Magistrate and has an extensive background in the judicial system. First-hand knowledge of the intricacies involved when assisting lawyers and clerks is especially valuable when advising the management team of a fledgling law firm.Team Member 2 has taken the role Chief Financial Officer. In her role, Team Member 2 is responsible for the corporation's accounting and financial structure and activities (Chief Financial Officers Council, 2007). Additionally, Team Member 2 is the firm's resident financial expert and primary project manager. Team Member 2 has spent much of her career preparing budgets and long-range accounting plans including depreciation schedules and negotiating contract terms and discounts. Even though a working knowledge of financial and accounting methodologies is required of the entire A+ team members, Team Member 2 will manage each account personally.Team Member 3 will take the role of President and Chief Executive Officer, the highest ranking officer of A+ Consulting. He will be responsible for the entire corporation. Team Member 3 has spent 25 years in the telecommunications field with an emphasis on systems integration. Team Member 3 will advance the firm's interests on all technology related consulting contracts. Keeping up with technology is...

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