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Role Of A Systems Engineer Essay

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ABSTRACT. Company XYZ is going to build a passenger jet with a new technology. The role of a systems engineer is indispensable and key contribution to the successful development of a new system. Since the commencement of the life cycle of the new system, a systems engineer is would confirm the success of the aforementioned. A description of the role of a systems engineer is described below.
Systems engineering is a logical systems approach performed by multidisciplinary teams to engineer and integrate systems to ensure products meet customers’ needs. According to the dictionary a role is the expected behavior associated with a particular position or status in a group or organization . It is also described as a proper or customary function or responsibility. As systems engineering continues to evolve due to the complexity of the systems, the role of a systems engineer has become more essential at present. The institution of the systems engineer’s roles and responsibilities are critical for the success of the new passenger jet. [Sage 2009] describes that the changing needs and new technology offers different alternative and opportunities. “The single most visible factor that distinguishes major changes that succeed from those that fail is competent leadership.” [Kotter & Heskett 1992] The interdisciplinary leadership will concrete the realization of the passenger jet with a new technology.
Engineers explore requirements and interfaces to engineer a system or subsystem, but not all engineers should be included as systems engineers. There has been much debate about the roles of a systems engineer because companies have assigned systems engineering products to software, electrical or other engineers. The systems engineer must have an interdisciplinary knowledge as well as excellent communication and leadership skills with the purpose of taking the system to its maximum development. It is significant to declare that there could be systems engineers at the different levels of the systems hierarchy.
When a new technology is going to be developed, a systems engineer is the person needed to guide the engineering process of the system from concept development to the functional design reflecting the user’s needs. Systems engineers are important during the system life cycle, but they are critical during the first two stages, the concept development and engineering development stage.
One of the most important roles of a systems engineer is creating, tracking and maintaining requirements. The systems engineer is responsible for translating the users’ needs into detailed requirements for which systems and subsystems can be designed and engineered. They focus on the system as a whole and should understand all external and internal interfaces to ensure that the functional design is properly capture. “The systems engineer is always the advocate of the total system in any contest with a subordinate objective.”...

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