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Role of biology in lifeOur blue planet is the one where life exists. So when we mention "bio" we talk about life on earth. Hence we can say that biology is the study of living organisms. The fact that it is the study of animals and plants makes sense that it would affect a person's daily life. In fact, everything about biology affects our daily life. Biology is a "natural science of organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution" (Science Reference Biology, n.d.), and all body processes from eating, digesting, respiration, nervous system. Without the knowledge of biology we cannot understand the world around us. It explains how a simple life right from fungi to a huge animal comes from and what it needs to survive.The first thing that probably crosses the people's minds is the evolution of the species those exist on the earth that operates through the survival of the fittest or oxygen is necessary for life or some other similar study taught in biology class. This study is useful in summarizing statements about one of the most characteristic features of living organization: it has a very high degree of order. But "instead of calling up associations with biology in the classroom, we look around and try to describe life as we actually see it" . If one looks around, one would see that it is not just a predictable distribution of a particular element but rather an assortment of living things - an assortment that differs in each direction one looks. Hence it is true of any biological system: a cell, an organism, a group of organisms, in fact the whole universe is comprised of elements different from each other. Therefore, we can say that from the very small algae to the very huge animal, life is certainly wondrous in all aspects.The field of biology is quite broad in scope and can be divided into several categories according to the type of organism study one does. In the most general sense, biology deals with the type of organism studied. Zoology, for instance, deals with animal studies, while botany is about plant studies, and microbiology about microorganisms. These fields of study can be broken down further into several specialized sub-disciplines. Some of which include anatomy, cell biology, genetics, and physiology (What is Plant Biology?, n.d.). This field encompasses a set of disciplines that examines phenomena related to living organisms.Man is a creature partly of his inheritance, partly of his environment and education. As sensitive, responsive and creative beings, humans' nature it partly determined of which humans are constructed, and partly by the different...

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