Role Of Human Resource Manager At Home Depot

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Role of Human Resources ManagersIn Home DepotSince the inception of its first store in 1978, Home Depot has expanded nationwide. Currently, there are over 1500 stores nationwide. Because Home Depot wants to provide the ultimate shopping experience for its customers, the Home Depot is committed to hiring a diverse and qualified workforce. As a sign of their commitment, they have partnered with national nonprofit and government agencies. These partnerships allow them to reach out to the communities in which they operate, and provide the company with a broad range of qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds.The "National Hiring Partnership" (or NHP) is a program that links the Home Depot, the Department of Labor (DOL) and the public workforce system together in an effort to place qualified applicants throughout the United States with Home Depot stores that have open positions. On a local level, Home Depot HRM's work with One Stop Career Centers to source qualified applicants for specific hiring needs. Candidates then participate in the hiring process like every other applicant. One Stop Centers work side by side with Home Depot HRM's to refer qualified, skilled applicants to Home Depot for specific hiring needs.Under the partnership, Home Depot's HRM's in stores across the country will use the One-Stop Career Centers located in local communities to help fill the 40,000 new jobs Home Depot will have available over the next year in more than 1,300 U.S. stores. Furthermore, the Department of Labor's partnership with Home Depot will enable workers to access greater employment opportunities and brighter futures ( HRM's of Home Depot deciphered that a partnership with outside companies in regard to the hiring and attaining process of employees was important. They have produced the following reasons for such a rearrangement:1. To increase associate retention -Home Depot decided that they could increase their retention by adding quality to their qualified applicant pool - rather than quantity. Home Depot's primary goal with the National Hiring Partnership is to increase their retention rate.2. Home Depot will hire over 180,000 associates during 2003 - more than ever before in the company's history. Consequently, they can no longer expect qualified, interested candidates to come to the stores every time there is a need to hire. Recruiting from a much wider group of candidates would help them do this.3. Home Depot has always been a leading corporate citizen and this program continues their proud history. Home Depot is in a unique position to help dislocated workers, those recently laid off, those recently out of the military, Welfare-to-Work recipients, those in jobs they're not happy with, and eligible disabled individuals. Through the public workforce system, they can let these groups know about the company and the jobs that are available.The HRM plays a very important and sometimes difficult role. Because they manage all people-related...

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