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Role Of Women In Ancient Societies

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Role Of Women In Ancient SocietiesIt is February 14, 2005. Being a female student at the University of Southern Mississippiis a very simple task. Just get up, go to class, and learn everything possible in order to becomesuccessful in life. Some days people, especially females, take for granted the value of thiseducation. It is one of the many things that establishes superiority in this world we live in. Nolonger do we worry about gender determining our level of respect and superiority. Well, we donot think about it as much. In some cases, it is clear that women are held inferior to men inplaces like the workplace and in certain tests of physical ability. Even though women areoccasionally thought of as the lesser being, times have drastically changed. In American history,women were not allowed to vote, own property, or even work outside the home. These days, it isalmost mandatory in order for the ecnomy to prosper. Early civilizations did not base the role ofa woman on the need for women in everyday society. Therefore, women did not play a crucialrole in the upbringing of the earliest cultures. Their presence was known, but not recognized.Thier duties were few and far between, but the consequences of not fulfilling those duties wereplentiful. The role of a woman and the consequences for being a woman in earlier times is alsoextensively documented. Some realized the importance of a female, and some failed torecognize the female as an equal human being to males.Those peoples that did not want the female to hold the same positions as men held strongto their beliefs. They found it a drastic and radical way of thinking to include women into aman's society(Plato 84). Leaders in ancient civilizations, such as Mesopotamia and ancientGreece, held women inferior to men in most aspects of human life. They believed that womenshould cook, clean, bear children, and submit to their husbands. Belief in submission to allmanly figures is evident in the accounts Hammurabi's Code. According to the code, if a mandecides to divorce his wife, she is made to go her way, and he goes his. If he does not want todivorce her, he may marry another woman. In turn, he will have two wives. Both will be madeto slave in his house(Hammurabi 17). This shows the extent to which women...

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