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Role Of Leadership In Managing Quality Initiatives

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In any organization, leadership plays a crucial role in its success especially when considering quality management. This is very critical with nowadays emerging challenges whether economical difficulties, increased competitiveness, or others. Interestingly, higher quality of products and services is a main determinant in the survival of many businesses especially within the healthcare sector. That explains the growing interest among leaders and administrators in paying a closer attention to quality management; some even use the general leadership to directly manage quality initiatives.
Development of a Model of Situational Leadership in Residential Care for Older People
This study clearly shows the effect of adopting situational leadership on the quality of service inside residential care centers. As commonly seen, residential centers for older people are public places for a private life of a group of elders. The process contains many restrictions on residents’ activities and puts much tension on the staff; that includes both high responsibility and sensitivity in their jobs. In this study, a special model of situational leadership was constructed mainly to help leaders effectively impact their followers. The process of construction included evidence reviewing, identifying key concepts, linking different concepts, and constructing the model.
The main target is to develop a cultural change among employees and residents in order to transform an institution governed by restrictions to a vibrant community composed of older residents and the people who care for them. The key concepts are: shared vision, competence, commitment, and the situation. Simply, the main idea is to empower both employees and residents with the ability of decision making. Eventually, more target-oriented culture will develop leading to the delivery of a person-centered care rather than following a set of rules. Undoubtedly, a person-centered model will lead to better engagement, higher quality of service and a healthy organizational culture.
Using Leadership Development Programs to Improve Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare
This paper shows the importance of innovative leadership programs in today’s emphasis to improve healthcare quality within the U.S. health system. The paper uses data collected from three qualitative studies of leadership development in healthcare plus data collected from interviewing 200 managers and executives. The three studies covered the development programs in healthcare across the U.S., emerging issues, and executive leadership training.
Healthcare leadership and policy makers are challenged with the need for innovative but also proven techniques to improve quality and efficiency within the health system. Individuals should be the main target for such investment since they are the ones to execute all the changes. Therefore, innovative quality initiative should be introduced in a simple and organized context in order for...

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