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Role Of Peer Coaches Essay

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What is peer coaching? Is it effective?
Teachers have an essential role in students’ performance and achievement. The quality of teaching, teachers’ experience and knowledge, curriculum planning and instruction they all have effect on students’ achievement. Becker (2010) describes peer coaching as a method that improves teaching and learning. As we can see majority of the time our focus is on students and teaching methods and elements that enhance their achievement. Peer coaching is a new technique and practice that helps teachers to change their teaching practice to achieve better outcome.
According to Wong and Nicotera (2003), peer coaching is a professional development strategy that can impact and improve teaching quality. Scott and Miner (2008) peer coaching is a process that teachers and instructors share their experiences in a non judgmental environment and get support and feed back on their teaching practice and improve their techniques to get better results in the classroom. Another research by Prince, Snowden, & Matthews (2010) states “peer coaching improves student-teacher confidence and Support the development of classroom practice”.
Accordingly peer coaching is a technique that improves the relationship between teachers within their peer and teachers and students. The research shows that it has shown positive effects in teaching environments. Peer coaching helps teachers to develop their confidence as an instructor and it provides them with techniques and teaching and assists them to improve their classroom performance. For example Richard (2003) notes that coaching, which was part of a broader package of reforms, was producing test score improvements in the San Diego School District. Although Neufeld and Roper (2003) found that peer coaching alone cannot improve academic achievement and there is no conclusive evidence to support it but it is “ a known prerequisite for increasing learning”.
How might a plan be implemented at a site/district?
To implement peer coaching at the school or district, there are several factors that has to be considered. The first factor is schools environment and how much they are ready to make new changes within their educational environment and practice innovative strategies. The second factor is the level of participation. If the level of teachers and staff participation goes higher we will definitely see more positive results. The third factor is money; the schools and districts have to provide enough money for programs like this while they are devoting their time into it as well. The forth factor is a collective language; staff and educator has to be able to communicate with each other in order to share their experiences and teaching practices. The fifth factor is coaching skills; it is important that teachers or staff who are practicing as a coach have had coaching trainings and skills. The sixth factor is partner; they have to select a partner that they are comfortable to work with. Building a...

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