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Role Of Politics In Public Transport Planning And Investment.

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Public transport has a range of opportunities both in revenue and sustainability; however, politics is an ever-changing dynamic system making planning, investments and implementation of public transport facilities difficult to fully apply. Public transport is available to the general public as a shared means of transportation. In the age of diminishing oil reserves and an expanding population, Governments are faced with a demand for improvements in public transport as the cost to travel privately rises. This essay will critically review literature regarding the positive and negative roles of politics in public transport planning and investment. This will include decision making and processes regarding the public and government decision making; funding and public support with the use of the cost-benefit analysis. The last part will look at Auckland to determine whether the role of politics promotes or obstructs public transport planning.
Western cities have several complex issues with public transport planning, investment and implementation. Prior to the establishment of the automobile people relied heavily on public transport services, but the rise of the automobile has created heavily motor-dependent societies. In 2006 there were over 500 million motor vehicles in use globally, and since the 1960’s the number of motor vehicles increased faster than the global population (Jakob & Craig & Fisher, 2006). Private transport affordability caused the decline in public transport use and mass increases in private road use, transportation globally makes up 75% of carbon emissions (Jakob, 2006). There has been a change in thinking since the 1990’s; where Government goals were facilitating the predicted growth to traffic, to current thinking; trying to implement new environmentally friendly modes of transport over the car combined with land-use planning (Næss, 2006) . The government is the main source of funding for public transport planning. As Kiggundu (2009) discusses, most major cities across the world are finding massive challenges in financing their public transport systems. Increasing carbon emissions and depleting oil presents the need and encouragement for Governments and councils to introduce legislation and systems concerning public transport. However this may not always be simple or effective. It is at that point that the role of politics can be seen and start to be discussed critically.
Ownership and structure of the transport system influence the nature and cost of services. Globally there is often a public-private trend. To obtain a cohesive transport system within a country a single authority would need to be in charge of all service which can be seen in many cities. This is one positive of having a single government body running all transport systems, the cohesive effect. There is one negative effect that can however arise from having only one agency, a large agency will form which leads to issues in management as efficiency will be...

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