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Role Of Setting In To Kill A Mockingbird Grade 10 English Assignment

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Significance of the Setting
Setting plays a vital role in the understanding of textual concepts
throughout the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. It allows the
reader to place themselves into a different era and perceive situations
through a different lens than they would without the detailed description
of the setting. The three components of setting - time, atmosphere, and
place - are further analyzed with the help of several themes and crucial
events that took place throughout the novel. These events are the Jim
Crow Laws along with overpowering racism, the Great Depression, and
the dialect of Southern America during these times. The year that the
novel is written in gives a clear indication that the Jim Crow laws were
still in practice. Racism was at its peak in Southern America, especially
in the little county of Maycomb, Alabama. With the help of this
information, the reader gains a more extensive understanding as to why
the African Americans were treated so poorly and with disgust. The
bewilderment they feel when Tom Robinson is found guilty by the jury is
resolved when the audience takes in consideration the fact that the
word of a dishonourable white man was always superior to that of a
dedicated, hardworking black man. This, of course, was one of the
many difficult situations that the characters had to face. Many more of
these situations were presented through the aid of the Great
Depression. Again, the timeframe of when this story took place was in
the middle of a great historical event where America faced an immense
economic instability and loss. Jobs were lost, people went hungry,
families broke up, and a thick, depressing air settled over the country.
The impacts the Great Depression has had on cities in...

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