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Based on the Holy Bible, life began with ‘’Adam’’ and ‘’Eve’’ then carried headlong, as ‘’Eve’’ gave birth followed by other women giving birth. Women are the most important amongst any in the world, without women, life would simply not exist. However, people in some countries seem to not realize that and do not appreciate their existence. India’s ratio is approximately nine hundred and twenty nine females for every one thousand males. Australia’s ratio of male and female is 1.055, which means there are nine hundred and forty eight females for every one thousand males (CIA World Factbook, 2011). India and Australia are countries with remarkable differences, not in just population number and ...view middle of the document...

Women in Australia enjoy equal rights in all the matters with men in the twentieth century.

Women all over the world are expected to give birth, providing help to rise up the population and setting up a family. Most women in India and Australia carry out this role and make significant contributions to the population though its already really high in India. However, men in India seem not to be satisfied by that only, they except women to give birth to a boy every time and keep having children until they get the number of boys desired to an extent that in cases of not getting a boy, it could end up to abortion and murder of girls. India has the highest number of abortion cases with about 500,000 cases a year and suicide cases (Rashmee, 2006). On the other hand Australians have a very low selective choice and most people are happy to have either a girl or boy and hence the population is well maintained.

The second difference between the roles of women in the two countries is of self-protection. Women in India are never safe, from corner to corner men have their villainous eyes gazing at the women, with almost no corner left where a woman has not been sexually assaulted. The most desolating fact is that thousands of women in India experience this but do not report for justice and just leave as cases of dressing inappropriately and modestly. These cases overcome the role of self-protection. The situation appears to be getting better after the protests of the rape attack on Jyoti Singh Pandey, a 23-year-old, in December (Wakhlu, 2013). However, In Australia, women can dress the way they like and no men look back with any wicked goals. If sexually strained, the woman herself reports the case instantaneously. The major reason of women not reporting their cases is to avoid shame.

Women have to obtain education and qualifications. In India, women are taught that ‘’they cannot have it all’’ (Rashmee, 2006). India has one of the highest illiterate rates of women in the world; about 50% women are illiterate (Rashmee, 2006) and comparing that to Australia where almost every woman is well informed. The responsible for this high illiteracy rates are Indian parents. Indian parents believe that if boys were taught, they would pay off in future by looking after them, where as for girls they would simply get married and only focus on home issues. This belief has been prevailing forever and is the main reason for dropouts and not sending many girls to school. However, the modern society is adapting to a change and bringing up girls to school and educating them. Australian parents on the other hand, believe that every child should be educated and do something great for the nation from the knowledge attained.

One of the fundamental roles of a woman is to be able to perform household chores. The roles are taken so important in India that they overcome school attendance and work. They are allowed to take part in few activities apart from their family housework...

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