Role Playing Sectional Debate Speech By A Cotton Farmer

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I, James Parker, feel that the status of the United States in world economy greatly depends on farming and therefore depends on the use of slavery. Those from the north that are trying to abolish slavery are hypocrites. Northerners are two faced for they have no problems with the benefits but they turn around and try to abolish slavery. Northerners are also two faced for they will say the conditions of slaves are horrible however on the other hand conditions are just as bad or worse in northern factories.I being a southern plantations owner make my slaves work the fields throughout the day and they are able to help enormously with the production of cotton. I then sell this cotton to northern factories. The money I make in exchange for the cotton is just enough for me to get by. The cotton I sell is used by the northern factories which use their factory workers and the cotton is used to produces various products such as clothing. The factories then sell the finished products for a good amount of money. The factories sell these high value products back to the south or more frequently to foreign nations. These foreign nations, such as England, have a high demand for these products and therefore are sold at high prices. This shows that the much of the north's profit comes from the sale of cotton, which starts with slavery. The northerners should consider how they will continue economically without the cotton from the south.Northerners should think down the road to what would happen if slavery was abolished. First there would be less cotton being produced. Less cotton would mean less finished products from the northern factories. With less finished products the north would be unable to meet the demands of the English. This would infuriate the English and naturally there would be conflict. And as the United States has seen before conflict with the English is not good whatsoever. So without slavery the northerners would not only not be making as much profit they would cause a conflict with the English and other foreign...

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