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Many RPGs tend to be a stagnant pile of generic regurgitation (like most military FPS titles today). In truth, a limited amount of RPG titles have innovated and offer something new. Apparently, developers such as Bioware and Bethesda have re-invigorated the genre, however this is highly debatable. Although by the same token, RPGs can’t seem to claw away from the tropes that generally plague the genre. RPGs try to present themselves as god-like entities, ubiquitous in nature, wrought by what the developers deem an original concept. Few titles are original, and thus this is the sad state of affairs for RPGs. Arguably, Magicka isn’t a wholly original concept, but what has been lacking from titles such as Dragon Age, Fallout New Vegas and Mass Effect is a definitive co-op experience that is fun, engaging and addictive (as well as extremely witty). Magicka embraces all the clichés of RPGs, and is not afraid of its heritage. The game ardently positions itself as a parody, with its ludicrous storyline and somewhat squeaky ‘Swedish’ dialogue. Even as a parody, by simplifying the core elements of the typical isometric RPG (a.k.a Diablo) Magicka becomes an exercise in chaotic tomfoolery. The game was developed by Indie dev team Paradox Interactive who hawker the goods in a nostalgic, yet incredibly satisfying release. The developer consummate the marriage of a “shoot em’ up” with the versatility of an RPG game. Born from this unholy union is a full-fledged multiplayer blood bath, involving hooded midgets in bath robes and magical beam battles that would rival even Dragonball. Magicka’s setting is familiar to most fantasy buffs and draws on this heritage with a perturbed hysterical grin. The game follows the scenario of a magical kingdom under siege by an evil sorcerer who employs the help of Orcs, goblins and warlocks in order to conquer the magical realm. You (the hooded hero) stand in said evil sorcerer’s path of magical realm domination, brandishing your sword and magical staff. For all your destructive needs, Magicka allows you to create your own mage with all the trimmings. With the available DLC, you can vary your appearance between a pointy wizard’s hat (all a Gandalf) and a simple hood, with a kaleidoscope of colours. You’ll need plenty of back-ups because dying is part and parcel of Magicka’s appeal, and makes it frustrating at times as you swear constantly, while secretly desiring a chance to kick a friend straight in the nuts. When it gets down to the gritty, Magicka’s gameplay is where it...

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