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Role Stress Has On A Family With A Child With Autism

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Living with a child with special needs can have profound effects on the entire family including the extended family members, siblings, parents, and the child with the special needs. It can affect all aspects of family functioning, since they have to be on the watch for the child. On the positive side, living with a child with special needs can expand horizons, develop family cohesion, increase the family members’ awareness of their inner strength, and promote connections to community groups. On the negative side, this child will need time, physical and emotional demands and financial cost in order to make the child’s life comfortable. However, the impacts will depend on the child’s condition, and its severity, as well as the emotional, physical, and the financial resources available to take care of the child.
Autism is a condition that affects a child’s brain functioning. It is a prevalent developmental disorder, which appears in children before the age of three. A child with autism is not able to express their needs like any other normal child because, this disorder affects their ability to communicate and interact with others. Therefore, this leaves parents and caregivers to play a guessing game on what specifically the child maybe asking for. However, when they cannot establish what exactly the child needs, both parties feel frustrated, the child and the caregiver. The child will feel that the caregiver is not taking care of his/her needs while the caregiver will be frustrated because, he/she cannot be able to determine exactly what the child wants. A child with autism can be frustrated to an extent of becoming aggressive, and even injuring him/herself and this can threaten the child’s life, and that of the entire family.
This literature review will focus on the issue of a child with diverse needs in a family. It will mainly focus on the child with autism-aged newborn through 12 years. The paper will focus on the extraordinary demands on parents, and siblings on raising children with special needs. The pains they go through while raising this child, and how it affects their family relationship, uses their finance and most of their time. In addition, it will talk of he struggles of parents between the needs of their child with special needs, and those of the other children.
According to Snell, parents with a child with autism will increase stress in their lives, take a toll on their physical and mental health, affect their decisions to have more children, and even to work (2003). In addition, it will be difficult for them to find an appropriate, and affordable care for the child incase of financial constraints. Taking care of this child may divert their attention from other aspects of the family functioning, because they want the child to have the best from them. Likewise, the medical care and other medical services may become enormous for them. Snell (2003) notes that, the above effects may have repercussions on the quality of family...

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