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Roles, Aims And Objectives Of Two Sports Organizations

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Roles, Aims and Objectives of Two Sports Organizations

I have chosen two sports organisations involved in development schemes
and I will look at their roles, aims and objectives. The two
organsations I have chose to focus on are The National Association for
Sports Development (NASD) and The English Federation of Disability
Sport (EFDS). I chose these two organisations as I thought they would
be interesting organisations to concentrate on and I found a fair bit
of research on each of the two organisations.

Roles of organisations

[IMAGE]The National Association for Sports Development (NASD)

Ensuring access to quality sporting opportunities throughout the

For all ages

All levels of ability

Their role is increasingly about shaping policy

Their work is about turning national and local policy into practice.

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) EFDS logo

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) was established in
September 1998

It has brought together a number of organisations in the aim to work
together to provide better sports development schemes

Increase participation of disabled people in sports


Aims & Objectives

The aims of a scheme are likely to be:

To provide a good quality service

To promote a safe and healthy experience

To respond to local demands

The different types of aims will influence the programs and services
offered, how the facility operates and the use of resource and sports

Objectives are usually set out in measurable terms and describe the
targets to be met. They will normally be a mixture of organizational,
social and educational targets.

Here are the aims and objectives of my two chosen organisations.

An aim is like a vision for the project, an overview and it is by
nature broad in scope. For example ‘to promote sport’ is a very broad
aim, and there is no indication to how this would be done or how it
will be measured.

An objective is much more concrete and measurable. For example ‘to
attract 50 children to a basketball summer camp’ is a measurable

[IMAGE]The National Association for Sports Development (NASD)

The aim of NASD is to provide support, advocacy and professional
development for those involved in the development of sport and the
following objectives have been set:

To raise the profile of sports development and sports development

The identification and dissemination of good practice in sports
development at all levels (national, regional, local and
international), encouraging recognised professional standards.

The provision of a nationally recognised professional development
programme that offers quality assured training opportunities as part
of a qualification for those involved...

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