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Roles And Functions Of The Nurse

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1.1 Jane has been allocated a bed on my ward. I introduce myself to her and make sure she knows why she has been admitted and inform her of support available.2.1 using the ropers model; activities of living (Fundamentals of Nursing made Incredibly Easy Pg. 16) My generic skills as a nurse, would be ensuring Jane is settled and comfortable and ensuring the safety and privacy of the environment. Informing her of the imminent steps we will be taking in her newly drawn up care plan once she has given consent. Providing her with options of child support; a next of kin may also be contacted regarding this. I would answer any concerns and worries to the best of my ability and ask for expertise advice where I am lacking. I would check, record and monitor her temperature and vital signs, monitor Jane’s consumption of healthy meals and fluid which are provided regularly, insure personal hygiene is taken and that she is getting adequate sleep. My specialist skills as an oncology nurse would involve an in-depth knowledge of cancer and its treatments, the ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team, chemotherapy administration and effects and side effects of all cancer treatments. I will also ensure Jane receives the prescribed treatment and medication, establishing she knows the purpose, benefits and risks of the treatment. I will follow all details of the care plan all the while possessing a warm and friendly disposition, competence, reliability, compliancy, compassion, patience and the ability to communicate effectively which are attributes required of a nurse. 1.2 Teamwork is a significant feature of nursing, it is a collaborative effort on everyone’s part. Maintenance of continuity of care is necessary as shifts and team members will change. Each member of the team is responsible for certain tasks and must ensure they are completed successfully and on time. It is important to work in a team as it saves time as jobs are completed faster, it builds up confidence, builds professional relationships and strengthens existing ones. Jane will benefit from ultimate person-centred care as all team members have the patient’s best interests at heart. Working under supervision is important as it provides students, new staff and team members the chance to accrue confidence and become capable in certain tasks they are expected to perform. 2.2 An oncology Nurse will work with a variety of colleagues and staff arraying from professional to non-professional who will all play different roles in Jane’s health this forms the multi-disciplinary team. The nurse will collaboratively work with: Doctors/consultant doctors who play a major role in Jane’s nurture back to health, fellow nurses who will work alongside the nurse. The oncologist,The Gynaecologist; the professional responsible for feminine diseases and hygiene, The Radiographer a skilled professional responsible for taking radiographs in the x-ray department, Porters to wheel her to and from radiotherapy...

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