Roles And Responsibilities In The Budget Process

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In my organization, there are various duties assigned to the different employees depending on their professional skills. Being a relationship manager, I am mostly involved with the corporate banking services which include analyzing companies businesses and their financials to find their qualification for getting banking credit facilities. For this reason, I am not usually involved in the budget formulation team due to my other duties. Personnel with accounts experience have the biggest role in budget formulation. This is through their abilities to make the numerous components of a budget in an organization. Outlining my strength areas, I would like to be in the budget formulation team in ...view middle of the document...

In any organization, there is a challenge while trying to set up a project in a certain location. It is usually challenging to make budgets of location the organization is not familiar with. For this reason, the organization send their accounting personnel to survey the new location thus outline the probable best budget for the new location (Johnston, Brignall, & Fitzgerald, 2002). Banks are also known for venturing new locations in search of customers base. For this reason, they require accounting personnel to make a comprehensive research on the new locations they wish to venture. As I have fair experience in accounting with ability to do such research, it would be my pleasure to contribute towards the bank budgeting for the new setups.
Every organization has an obligation to ensure that it incorporates the taxations calculations in the budget. It is through this budget calculation that an organization such as our bank keeps record on the resources the taxation authority charges for the business to continue operating. According to business ethics, it is important for every business to contribute through taxation to the national revenue collection. Thus benefits the community through government operations as an accountant, I have an ability to formulate the...

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