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Roles And Responsibilities Of Public Services

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The two public services which I have chosen to write about in my task 1 of the assignment are:* Police* Fire servicePOLICE:Police is a government organisation, which have a very important duty of maintaining law and order in the community. The work police come from the French, which refer to government or administration; the word police was coined in France in the 18th century. The police may also be known as a constabulary, after constables, who were an early manifestation of police officers. ( FORCE STRUCTURE:Home officePolice authority chief constableHome office is the government department and it has a full control on police, whereas home secretary, who works under prime minister and he/she is there to ensure that all the government polices carry out properly.Police authority is made up of local councillors (two third) and magistrates (one third), this is to make sure that the local public has an opinion about how the police force run in their region.Chief constable is the highest rank in the force, and he has an overall authority of maintaining and running the whole police departments.PURPOSE OF THE POLICE SERVICE:The purposes of the police service within a community are stated below:- To prevent crime.- To uphold law fairly and smoothly.- To protect the community.- To help crime victims.- To pursue offenders and bring them to justice.TO PREVENT CRIME:Prevention of crime means to stop a crime before it happens. Police force prevent crime by visiting homes and businesses to offer them security devices and providing them information on how to perform security checks and about new security issues which mainly stop 80% of the crimes. Police also prevent crime by patrolling street and road on a regular basis. A recent crime surrey showed that the Derbyshire has the lowest crime rate in East Midlands.TO UPHOLD LAW FAIRLY AND SMOOTLY:This is one of the most important of responsibility of police forces to ensure that law and order is carried is fairly and smoothly, this includes the situations like arresting, searching suspects. Police forces have clearly full knowledge about law and legislations because their day to day works involves law and order.TO PROTECT THE COMMUNITY:The main purpose of police is to protect the community. Protection of community is one of the very important role of their job. They carry out this role by visiting school, houses, pubs etc and asking community opinions about the different current issues which they are concerned about e.g. drugs at the moment in Derby (Drug squad Steve Holme visited Derby College to high light this issue).TO HELP CRIME VICTIMS:Helping is another role of their job, this is done by officers to make sure that no one feel deserted in the community and also victims feel secure and comfortable, thinking about that they are safe in the society.TO PURSUE OFFENDERS AND BRING THEM TO JUSTICE:Pursuing criminals is another purpose of police force. Pursuing criminals help a...

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