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Since the establishment of commerce, merchants have persuaded audiences into buying their product. This is call advertisement, which originates from the Latin advertere. Advertisements vary depending upon what the merchant is trying to convey. From grocery shops to presidency elections utilize them to prove to a specific audience that their product is convincing, reliable, and necessary. Currently, due to modern technology, we are bombarded with much information everywhere, on the Internet, on the TV, on the radio, on the roads, at grocery shops, at work, and so on. Wherever we look, there is something or someone trying to sell us a product. Today, advertisement plays an important role in our society’s behavior, as we are constantly fed with it.
To begin, advertisements tend to focus on children, as their minds are easier to influence, due to the lack of understanding of things. Toy companies, for example, may convince children, through TV ads, that the product offered is unquestionably necessary to have, and since children have no knowledge about expenses, they are more likely to encourage their parents into buying a product. Therefore, as a result of companies focusing on kids, businesses have a greater possibility on being successful at selling their product. Nonetheless, as children learn about what surrounds them, sometimes the information put out there might not always be appropriate for children, and consequently, youngsters may interpret things drastically different. For instance, a child may desire to live the life that is shown in an advertisement or may think that a commercial about someone doing something wrong is right. While this is to true to a degree, what makes the difference is the responsibility of parents teaching their children what is right and what is wrong, since children have no clear understanding to what it is being exposed on the media sources.
Moreover, while clothing companies purpose is to sell a product, the effects of their advertisement may also lead to other results. Melanie R. Salome explains, “The media is so intertwined in our lives that we do not truly comprehend on a conscious level how much influence it really has over us.” In the case of clothing advertisements, what we see is an unrealistic portrayal of women and men wearing what it is the last trend in fashion, and along with the feeling of wanting to buy the product, it also comes the self-consciousness of how we look and live. With that said above, one can conclude that the media also has a deeper message than just to sell a product. The...

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