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Roles Of Horatio, Fortinbras, And Laertes In Hamlet

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Shakespeare's valuable ingredients Horatio, Fortinbras, and Laertes Some minor characters in a play can be vital and, could have Roles that could change the whole play, and most importantly they can reveal and illuminate the personalities of other characters. For example in the play Hamlet It obvious that Hamlet's best friend Horatio, his not well-known friend Fortinbras, and his girlfriend's brother Learteas have a big impact on the outgoing of the play Horatio first appears in the first scene of the play as a sceptic and a scholar. His heart and brain act together, this combination makes him a trusted, valued friend, the only whom Hamlet could rely on. On page 119 Hamlet expresses this by these words, "Give me that man that is not passions slave, and I will wear him in my heart's core, ay, in my heart of my heart, as I do thee". Horatio is also really loyal to the prince that at Hamlet's death, he is on the point of committing suicide in order to join his friend. But then Hamlet told him to live to tell the story. Horatio's role in the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare is extremely important. Firstly Horatio was the person who told Hamlet about the ghost. If it wasn't for him Hamlet would never have known about the ghost of Sr. Hamlet. Secondly he he job of watching Claudius while the play was going on in order to see if he showed his guilt. Lastly, at the end of the play, Horatio had to tell everyone the truth about Hamlet. Hamlet could not do it himself because he died along with eight other characters in the play.The name Fortinbras symbolizes the strong arm of a soldier.Throughout the play his role was to show strength and determination.In the beginning of the play he is shown as a wild immature youth "of Unimproved metal, hot and full" and "shark's...

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1124 words - 4 pages   Horatio and Laertes as Foils in Hamlet          Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare is a play about a man's revenge for his father's murder and all the tragedy that comes along with it. The play takes us through the emotions and doubts Prince Hamlet finds within himself after speaking with the presumed ghost of his father, the former King of Denmark.  Through Hamlet we meet

Hamlet: the Nature of Men. is an essay wich shows Hamlets character through the contrast with Fortinbras Laertes and Horatio

961 words - 4 pages father's death. From Fortinbras, he learns how to pursue a goal, his goal being vengeance. Laertes shows him how not to act. From this he learns to act honorably, attaining his revenge, but through honest means. Horatio shows him friendship, support and loyalty, all of which he needed. Through what he has learned, Hamlet is able to kill his father's murderer and avenge his family. Though he dies in the process he truly becomes a hero.Works CitedShakespeare. Hamlet. Toronto: Harcourt Brace, 1998.

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1656 words - 7 pages Laertes and Fortinbras as Foils for Hamlet          Hamlet, the major character in the Shakespeare play of the same name, was faced with a decision upon learning that Claudius murdered his father. Should he believe the ghost, and avenge his father's murder? Or is the ghost evil, trying to coerce him into killing Claudius? Throughout the play, we see Hamlet's struggle with this issue. Many opportunities arise for him to kill Claudius, but

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1947 words - 8 pages Oftentimes, the minor characters in a play can be vital and, among other things, function to further the action of the play or to reveal and illuminate the personalities of other characters. To help the reader understand a character with greater depth, writers sometimes use a literary device called a foil. A foil is a character that contrasts strongly with another. In Shakespeare's great tragedy Hamlet, Laertes, Fortinbras, and Hamlet find

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886 words - 4 pages Comparing Laertes and Hamlet       In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the characters of Laertes and Hamlet both display impulsive reactions when angered. Once Laertes discovers his father has been murdered, he immediately assumes the slayer is Claudius. As a result of Laertes' speculation, he instinctively moves to avenge Polonius' death. "To hell, allegiance! Vows, to the blackest devil! Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit! I dare

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1293 words - 5 pages , Laertes, and Ophelia. Especially with the murder of Polonius, Hamlet causes further trouble for himself and his goal after he kills Polonius. With the death of Polonius, Hamlet draws the attention of Claudius and Laertes, and indirectly coxes the suicide of Ophelia by severing her dependence on the men in her life. Although Hamlet and Fortinbras began with similar goals, both characters will nevertheless be remembered differently. Even on the

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1291 words - 5 pages observer, and Fortinbras is action taken to just as far of an extreme, he has no indecision or change of heart, and he is able to pass by and over all that stands in his way. Laertes tries both ways, but since he cannot decide which path to take, he exemplifies the metaphor to its fullest, only getting off the ball after it has passed over the cliff. Seeing his error and the path to success, he cannot go back, and is doomed, learning-as do all other characters who cannot stay with their path-that indecision is the true enemy. Works Cited: Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet. ca. 1600-1601. Ed. Edward Hubler. A Signet Classic. New York: Penguin Publishers,1963.

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1253 words - 5 pages Though seeming to simply be a minor character, Laertes is of great importance in the play, Hamlet, and much more than one would initially believe, due to his extensive inner conflict. He is good, loyal, and honourable, seeming to possess the greatest virtue of all the characters, yet he still is doomed to die along with the other characters, precisely because of his great virtue.As Scene Two begins, in the first lines which Laertes speaks in the

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2289 words - 9 pages about the wound of Hamlet: “They bleed on both sides. How is it, my lord?” Laertes, in his dying moments, confesses that Claudius schemed the poisonous plan, so Hamlet promptly dispatches the king: “The point!—envenomed too. Then, venom, to thy work.”   With the king, queen and Laertes dead, only Horatio and Hamlet remain alive. Of Horatio the hero makes a last request:   Horatio, I am dead;      Thou livest; report me and

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672 words - 3 pages The Comparison of Laertes to HamletIn Shakespeare's Hamlet, Laertes has a significant resemblance to Hamlet. Hamletand Laertes biggest similarity is that they both seek revenge for their father's murder.Hamlet and Laertes both have a relationship with Ophelia. Like Hamlet, Laertes issuspicious of those in power. Hamlet, who questions his Uncle's intentions at the throneand Laertes, who questions Hamlet's love for Ophelia.Laertes: "Forward, not

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1312 words - 5 pages HAMLET AND LAERTES THE REVENGERS!Revenge is a major theme developed throughout William Shakespeare?s tragic play, Hamlet. Even though there are many deaths in the play, the murder of King Hamlet and Polonius are the most important. Since both of these men were fathers, it was customary and honourable during the Elizabethan times for their sons to avenge their deaths. Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet, and Laertes, son of Polonius, are

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914 words - 4 pages Most thoroughly for my father” (4.5, 104-110). Again we see a son willing to do anything to avenge his father and his name. He, like Fortinbras, takes matters in his own hands and we know that in the end Laertes does get his revenge, but at a price. Last, but not least, is one of the most well known literary figures of revenge, the indecisive Hamlet. He is not a man of action like Fortinbras and Laertes, instead he is more methodical and