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Roles Of Metabolism And Behavior In Obesity

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As you know obesity is a major healthcare issue globally. Scientist are still trying to understand this complex problem . Metabolism and behavioral factors appear to play a role in this serious condition. Food that our bodies do not immediately use or burn is stored as fat. This accumulation of fat can lead to weight gain, which can lead to obesity. We can fight obesity with simple nutritional changes and with a change in our everyday lives. Amercian views on obesity are not as strong as they should be .Obesity is a condition which is usually defined as person's body mass index (BMI). Obesity can also used as a general term for a person that has an excessive amount of body fat. Many people have argued that the obesity epidemic is very overblown and inaccurate, but they do not ...view middle of the document...

America eats 3 times more than average. Our towns promote larger food intake and doesn't really encourage physical activity. Going out for a jog , Riding your bike down the street , or taking a swim are very simple effective ways we can exercise and burn the excessive calories. As americans we're not burning enough calories. T.V. , internet , and technology are most important in our societal range. Many of our lifestyles do not include exercise , Some of us are too busy. To decrease obesity time should be made to get on the right track to conduct a longer healthier life.

Fast food has become a regular meal in american lives. 50% of all americans consume fast food per day. Fast food can be very cheap . For instance the dollar menu , 1 dollar for a hamburger . how many of you would choose a hamburger from mcdonalds than a healthy taco . i know i would . they way advertisement promotes healthy foods makes us not want to consume it . Fast food is much loved because its a n easy pickup. If you ate a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds you would have consumed 440 calories. 23 grams of total fat is in the double cheese burger . To burn this away you would have to do 2 of the following 122 minutes of walking , 37min units of swimming

,67 mounts cycling or 50 minutes of jogging . Why would you want to do all of that exercise when you could just enjoy a healthy carrot? fat , saturated fat, and sodium are high in fast foods . Home cooked meals would produce half of the calories fast food dose. Fast food is another reason we have obesity today.

Most consumers are unaware of the high amount of calories in their everyday meals .

1.1 million adults are overweight including 312 million who are obese . An apple over french fries taking a jog or even decreasing the amount of food on your plate are little but simple changes that can greatly impact the obese population . I dont want to live in a world where people don't exercise and don't make smart decisions . I even make mistakes on choosing what to eat . But only you can make that healthier choice .

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