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Roles Synthesis: Advanced Practice Role In Health Care

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Roles Synthesis: Advanced Practice Role

Roles Synthesis: Advanced Practice Role
In recent years, health care has experienced an endless struggle between patient care and economic viability. Advanced practice nurses play a vital role in successfully achieving and carrying out hospital patient care missions (Cathcart, Greenspan, & Quin, 2010). Additionally, advanced practice nurse roles are sometimes poorly defined making responsibilities unclear with unrealistic expectations (Spence Laschinger, Wong, Grau, Read, & Pineau Stam, 2011). Undoubtedly, advanced practice nurses are quickly becoming more educated, vision driven, and influential in response to the advanced nursing practice demands of current healthcare demands. In this paper I use the Appreciative Inquiry model to explore my future as a nurse in an advanced practice role.

On the path to an advanced nursing role, I have learned about the qualities that make exceptional advanced nursing role nurses. In my present Registered Nurse role I have found that I cherish values important to the success of my envisioned career. I have experienced what lack of effective leadership can entail for a nursing unit. During the progression of this class I have found that one of the best things I am doing as an RN is using persuasion as a form of starting change. In the class we learned that historically nurses have been in positions to advocate for change, however they have not been as influential as previously believed (Sullivan, 2004). At the core of effective leadership lies influence (Sullivan, 2004). According to Mintzer (2005), influencing people requires some degree of persuasion. In addition to my ability to persuade I have learned how to remain humble as I acquire and deliver new information. What I have learned in my career is that arrogance truncates your ability to lead effectively and minimizes your credibility, which is essential if you are to be a person of influence (Kouzes,1998). Valuing humility has allowed me to learn from others and receive criticism in a constructive way. As I progress through my career I hope to take with me the ability to persuade while maintaining humility.
Advanced Practice Role
Once I have successfully attained my advanced nursing role I will be in a position to contribute to improving health services delivery by utilizing my knowledge and building my skills in health care. In my advanced nursing role I will be able to focus on case management and quality control in order to develop interventions to influence outcomes in care. In this position I foresee myself becoming the member of boards that influence health policy and serve as a consumer advocate on health topics. I have not considered relocating for this position and truthfully I aspire to improve local health care services and delivery. Thus, I aspire to work at the local medical center Good Shepherd. In this position I would be serving my local...

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