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Dominique Francon, a central character in the novel The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand, falls in love yet wishes to destroy the protagonist of the novel, Howard Roark. Dominique love for Roark stems from her recognition of Roark’s greatness and individuality and wishes to destroy him before the rest of society can. Also a hidden motive for his destruction may come from the fear of the similarities the two of them share. She believes that by destroying Roark, she is saving him thus making sure her greatest fear never comes to life.
In a society where altruism is believed to be an important virtue, independent creators like Roark and Cameron are left with nothing. Dominique recognizes man’s ability ...view middle of the document...

She believes that Roark should die from her hand, from one who loves him, instead of by a society who only wishes to destroy him because of their jealousy. During the Stoddard trial, Dominique view of society is shown when states, "The Stoddard Temple must be destroyed. Not to save men from it, but to save it from men… Let us say we are moles and we object to mountain peaks” (Rand 357). Her love for Roark is also shown in the Stoddard Trial when she simultaneously convicts Roark while complimenting the Temple. She describes the Temple as a “threat to many things. If it were allowed to exist, nobody would dare look at himself in the mirror” (Rand 356). Dominique is saying that she believes that the Temple is too good for people, as it would shame anyone who looked at it, thus proving how she believes Roark and his creations are above the general mankind and why she is attracted to him.
Another reason why Dominique feels the need to destroy Roark is because she feels threatened by the similarities between them and as a result feels the need to eliminate him. Roark is a pure independent creator who does not allow anyone to dictate what he can or cannot do. Dominique is also the same in that they are both independent thinkers with the same perspective on the world. However one major difference between Roark and Dominique is that Roark does not care about the world; to him the world isn’t important as long as gets to do what he wants. Roark ignorance of the world and...

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