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Beverly Yuen 10.1 Q10
MYP Science One World Essay: Rollercoasters
Introduction When living in an environment with limited space like Hong Kong, there is not as much entertainment as people would want to. One of many ways to be entertained is going to amusement parks. Rollercoasters are the main attraction of amusement parks, many individuals would enter amusement parks to play their favorite rollercoaster or try out the new ones that are available. Rollercoasters are powered by gravity and momentum and one of the most common places for hangouts as they bring out many excitements for others due to the entertainment given by it. Rollercoasters were first introduced around the mid of 16th century by the Russians (The History of Roller Coasters) and was named as the "Russian Ice Slides". (The Beginning | Roller Coaster History) Rollercoasters have had a significant impact towards the society; it has contributed socially and economically. How does rollercoasters work? Rollercoasters does not have a power source or engine of its own. The coaster is usually moved by gravity and momentum; in order to build up the momentum, the coaster is needed to reach the first hill (lift hill) or be given a powerful launch. There are three components of the rollercoaster: The chain lift, catapult-launch lift and brakes. (1.How Roller Coasters Work) The chain lift is a long length of chains that ascends and is placed under the track. The chains are secured in a loop that is wrapped around a gear towards the top of the hill and another one towards the bottom of the hill; a simple motor turns on the gear. The motor is used to turn the chain loop, allowing the coaster to move upwards. The chains also grips onto chain dogs that are basically hooks, it is used when the coasters starts descending, the chain dogs links onto the chains, which will then pull the coaster up the top of the hill. The chain dogs will release the coaster begins to descend again. (1.How Roller Coasters Work) A catapult-launch lift helps setting the coaster in motion by building kinetic energy in a short period time. One of the most common catapult system used is the linear-induction motor, which uses electromagnets to build a magnetic field are on the track, whereas the other field is on the bottom of the track; these two magnetic fields are attracted to each other. The motor transfers the magnetic field onto the track, pulling the coaster at a high speed. Another common catapult system is using rotating wheels to launch the coaster onto a hill point. The wheels are placed in two rows that are very close to each other along the track; it helps grips the top or bottom of the coaster then push it forward. (1. How Roller Coasters Work) Brakes are used at the end of the ride or when an emergency is occurred. The brake is not installed onto the coaster, but is installed onto the tracks. It is basically a series of clamps positioned at the end of the track or at different braking points. A central...

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